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DVDXpress Coupons, Promo Codes and Discounts

Updated: April 13, 2021
Free DVD Rental Code
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DVDXpress Codes for Free Rentals

See below for all the latest DVDXpress codes to get you a free or discounted rental at the kiosks.  After the codes we have listed a bunch of information about DVDXpress for you as well.  Enjoy your movie!   DVDXpress site – reserve movies online and pick them up at the kiosk!

Verified DVDXpress Promo Codes & Coupons

2 coupons for April 2021

Free Rental Promo Code
by Zack

DVDXpress promo code for a free one night rental. Enjoy!... more ››

DVDXpress Military Discount

It does not appear that DVDXpress offers a military discount.

DVDXpress Senior Discount

It does not appear that DVDXpress offers a senior discount.

DVDXpress Other Ways to Save

  1. DVDXpress on Facebook - like the DVDXpress page on Facebook and you will get a code for a free one night rental!
  2. Twitter - follow DVDXpress on Twitter. Won't get a code right away but they Tweet deals out occasionally.
  3. FourSquare - check in with DVDXpress on Foursquare and you may be able to get a free rental!
  4. Enter your email address at the kiosk in order to reserve movies online, receive reservation confirmations and transaction receipts, as well as gain access to special FREE rental promotions.

What We Like About DVDXpress 

DVDXpress is the nation's longest running operator of DVD Rental Kiosks.  Using a DVDXpress code is very easy!  Either enter the code when reserving online or simply enter the code when paying at the kiosk. DVDXpress kiosks are found in grocery stores and supermarkets around the country. They have a location finder on their site to help you find a kiosk near you.  DVDXpress is a lot like Redbox if you are familiar with them.  You can rent movies through the kiosk or reserve them online ahead of time.  A DVD rental is $1.50 a night and Blu-Ray rentals are $2.00 a night.  Each kiosk has different times in which the disc must be returned to avoid another day's charge. So make sure to check when picking up your movie.  DVDXpress claims to get many movies as far as 28 days sooner than Redbox, Netflix or Blockbuster.  For the most part they seem to get them at the same time though in our experience.  New customers are allowed to rent two discs at a time.  After your first rentals though you can then rent as many as four movies at one time.  If you lose a disc or forget to return it, than after 15 days DVDXpress simply will charge you for the cost of the disc and you then get to keep it.  They charge $25 for a DVD or $34.50 for a Blu-Ray movie.