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SeaWorld San Antonio is the third of the SeaWorld Parks. It has many animals, shows, rides, and events for everyone to enjoy. Plus SeaWorld San Antonio has it’s own water park, Aquatica. Open from March to December there is plenty of time for you to go with your family and have the time of your life.


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Animals Exhibits

SeaWorld San Antonio has many things to offer but most people go for the wonderful animal exhibits. There are 3 main ones that you must see if you go, Pacific Point Preserve, Penguin Encounter, and Explorer’s Reef.

At Pacific Point Preserve you can connection with wildlife such as sea lions, seals, and otters. You can even feed some of the animals in this habitat including the seals and sea lions. Explorer’s Reef holds the home of the sharks, stingrays, tropical fishes and living coral reefs. The Explorer’s Reef focuses on how the sharks and coral reefs are beneficial to the oceans and vitally important. The last one the Penguin Encounter has over 200 penguins and many other aquatic birds for you to view.

These aren’t the only animal exhibits available to visit though. There is also the Flamingo Cove, Alligator Alley, and  Animal Conservation Center.


SeaWorld San Antonio has some of the best animal shows out there to offer. I recommend trying to see them all, starting with Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High. It is an adorable show about two Californian sea lions who are trying to pass their classes and get their diplomas before the school year ends. This hilarious show also includes a walrus playing Principal Maximilian Worthington and an otter playing O.P. otter. In my personal opinion it’s the best show SeaWorld San Antonio has to offer.

Another great show is One Ocean featuring killer whales and their trainers. It’s an inspirational show about saving our oceans and treating the world better. Sadly One Ocean is going to be replaced with Orac Encounter  by 2019. Other great shows include Sea Lions at Play, Pets Ahoy!, Ocean Discovery: Dolphins and Beluga Whales,  and Killer Whales: Up Close.


If you want something more thrilling to do at SeaWorld then there is always the rides they offer. SeaWorld San Antonio has three high thrill rides, two rides that are more kid friendly/orientated, and one ride that is more between kid friendly and high thrill. The two kid friendly rides include Shamu Express Roller Coaster, which is designed for kids, and the Rio Loco, a water ride designed to cool people off as they adventure through SeaWorld. If you are looking for a thrill but aren’t a huge fan of roller coasters try the Journey to Atlantis. It’s a log ride designed as a roller coaster and it has a view of the whole park from the top without going at neck breaking speeds. For the thrill seekers SeaWorld has the Steel Eel a hypercoaster that goes up to 70 miles per hour and the Great White Roller Coaster which is filled with 360 turns and twist. Opening the summer of 2017 is a new high thrill roller coaster called Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster. It’s designed after SeaWorld’s Rescue Team and gives you the thrill of helping in an adventure of rescuing animals.

SeaWorld San Antonio also has a play area for kids, called Sesame Streets Bay of Play. It includes many rides designed for kids like Abby Cadabby’s Rockin’ Wave, Elmo’s Dolphin Dive, Grover’s Round Up, Little Bird’s Splash, Big Bird’s Spinning Reef, Tot’s Ahoy, and a dry play area for kids to climb in.


Some of the most popular attractions at SeaWorld San Antonio is their exclusive animals tours. Each tour requires a reservation in advance. These tours include the Dolphin rescue tour that allows you to meet the dolphins SeaWorld has rescued and a Behind the Scenes tour that gives you an insider’s view on all that occurs at SeaWorld San Antonio. There is also the Sea Lions Tour and the Dolphin Encounter tour that allows you to get up close to the animals and even swim with them. These aren’t the only animals you can meet though. SeaWorld San Antonio also has a Penguin Tour, a Beluga Whale Tour, and a Family Adventure Tour where you can go on tours through Discovery Point, Pacific Point Preserve, and Roa’s Aviary before they are open to the public for visit.


There is a lot of places available for you to eat at so no matter what you are craving there is a place for you. Rosita’s Cafe is an all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet. Another more casual place to eat is Rio Grille and it serves BBQ and burgers. Another BBQ place to eat is Shamu’s Smokehouse. Other places to eat are Harbor market, a more food court style place to eat, and Sea Star Market, which serves sandwiches and salads. Another quick place to eat is Pizza & More with more meaning snacks. The only dining places that require a reservation is Dine with Shamu and the Sesame Street Breakfast. Dine with Shamu requires a reservation because the lunch is held in a place that is normally only open to trainers and the care specialist for the animals.

Seasonal Events

Every year SeaWorld San Antonio has seasonal event for you and your family to experience. In spring they host the Seven Seas Food and Wine Festival from April 29 to Memorial Day. The Festival is held on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in those weeks. SeaWorld San Antonio also has a Magic Weekend held on the Memorial Day weekend. On select dates in September through October SeaWorld has their Spooktacular event designed for small kids and their families. Also in October is the Howl-O-Scream event for thrills and scares. November 18-December 31 SeaWorld San Antonio is decked out for Christmas and they have daily shows to celebrate. Their holiday shows are kid friendly with live music and are fun for the whole family.

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