Jamberry Nails – An Inspiring History



Every girl who loves nail art knows of Jamberry Nails – the fun, bright, quirky and bold nail wraps that have been popping up on Facebook feeds this past couple of years. Want a tiny turkey on your toes? You can get those. Or a sonogram of your baby on your nails? The three sisters at Jamberry can do those too. 

Best part is they are very affordable! You can get multiple uses out of one sheet and they only cost $15 each. You can also find many Jamberry coupons and promotions that can save you even more. Like the popular buy 3, get 1 free and free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

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Since 2014, Jamberry nails have been bringing in millions. The amazing bit in the story of Jamberry is that it is a home-grown business. It began when three sisters and stay-at-home moms (with eleven kids between them) Lyndsey Ekstrom, Christy Hepworth and Keri Evans had to wait through a slow and expensive nail salon visit in 2010.

How It Began: the Jamberry Nails History

In 2010, Lyndsey Ekstrom was getting a pedicure and nail art done at a salon in preparation for a family getaway. While watching the salon staff apply a new product on her toes, it struck her that she was paying sixty dollars for something that took only minutes to apply. She thought that there definitely would be a way to do it at home. The sisters examined the art and found that it looked like stickers.

But the product they were looking at- strips of vibrant, multi-colored vinyl that could be applied to nails easily with the help of mini heaters or blow dryers- was only available to professionals.

And so was born the idea for the business they had often thought of starting together, to bring in extra income. In the beginning, the sisters hoped to make a side business out of it, earn maybe $400 each per month, for cute clothes.

The product materialized with the help of a small vinyl cutter (from the snow ski manufacturing business Christy’s husband ran) and someone in the family who knew about adhesives. The sisters researched vinyl distributors in the area, tested materials for feel, then picked 25 designs off stock photos and had them printed into sheets. The sheets were packed in cellophane packages with homemade labels. At the suggestion of Christy’s husband, they took these to sell at the “What a Woman Wants Expo” in Salt Lake City. In that one weekend, they raked in $4000.

At a Christmas Fair in the following month they made twice that amount, and knew they had something. But selling the products to stores would not tell people how to use them. So the sisters began to sell the nail wraps at home parties under the name Jamberry Nails.

How Jamberry Nails Grew:

To fulfill the Christmas Show orders, they set up shop in Lyndsey’s home with a nine-foot printer. Meanwhile they researched business plans that would let them sell directly as consultants to customers. They also put their products up on some websites like SaveMore.com (where the demand hit nearly 12,000 over three days).

Direct sales began when the sisters found 20 consultants from across the country through emails to women who love pretty things and would love to make some money. As the business grew (in a whopping 10 months) they had to rent a warehouse and hired operations employees. The rest is history. After four years, Jamberry Nails is now making over 10 million dollars a year.

The history of Jamberry nails can be inspiring for many women and new entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their business. Christy suggests starting small and finding good business partners. But most of all go out and try out your ideas.

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