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There are many other ways you can save at GameStop! Maximize your savings by following the tips below. Of course you still want to use GameStop promo codes and coupons on top of these programs too!

Everyone enjoys video games and even more people enjoying saving on their game purchases. A great way to save on your future game purchases is to shop at GameStop. Now most people believe large corporations aren’t the best place to get good deals but GameStop is different. Yes they have a rewards program like most companies but they also deal in older and used games for previous console generation. Meaning they carry the new PS4 games along with the last generation PS3 games, same with Xbox and etc.

You don’t have to be a rewards member to save. You can buy, sell, and trade your games for a fixed price at any GameStop without a special card. You can get great deals on used or older games. When you get a console it may seem expensive to buy the latest hit and its also very tempting. But when your wallet is small its best to get the older games and enjoy those until your dream game comes on sale. GameStop also has a used game guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about buying a scratched and broken game. GameStop also gives you a week to play your games to allow to see if you actually love the game or catch buyers remorse. GameStop like many other stores will also have weekly deals and holiday sales. One of my favorite deals they do every month or so is double credit when you trade in your games. Its a good idea to subscribe to their newsletter so you know when the next sale is and to score that 20% off birthday coupon for when you get that birthday cash.

You can save even more with GameStops PowerUp rewards card. This is free to anyone and it allows you to collect points to get GameStop exclusive rewards or gift cards. The rewards are pretty cool and the point system doesn’t rob you on what you pay. Between January and March 1st of this year I was able to get a $15 discount on any game!

Theres also the Pro rewards card. This card allows to save immediately on any game and give extra points to you. Say you want to buy LEGO Jurassic Park for Ps4, which is $39.99, well for buying it pre owned its $37.99 and for Pro members its $32.39! You have already saved $7.60 on your first purchase . To get the membership you can either pay a yearly fee of $14.99 or do what I did and trade reward points for a Pro membership. And by these savings the rewards card pays for itself and more in no time!

Also, I have been to many GameStop stores in many different states. I have yet to have a bad customer experience with them. The staff is always well informed about games, not only in what the game is about but how fun it was and how many hours they played it. They never tried to sell me the most expensive game as soon as I walk in and they listen to my own game interest and make honest recommendations. GameStop is my shop for games and I hope others will experience the game life as I have.

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