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Console gaming is on the rise and this year proves to be very prosperous for GameStop. The enemies of console gamers, the PC gamers, believed that console gaming would be dead by 2015 but they can’t be more wrong. GameStop in 2015 sold over 22 million units of Ps4 consoles from its release year verses Ps3 5 million units sold. That is a 88% increase of sales from gen 7 to next gen gaming. Microsoft hasn’t released their unit numbers for the Xbox One sales but a similar patterns are to be expected with the sales of Xbox 360 verses the Xbox One.

Your probably wondering why the Wii U figures aren’t in here, well thats because they are a little depressing. The so called next generation of gaming through the gamepad wasn’t as big of a deal as Nintendo thought it to be. In fact only three years after its release Nintendo confirms on working on its next gen system. Nintendo was able to stay afloat on its popular 3DS sales and its fans who are loyal to games such as Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon.

What makes console games so popular compared to PC? Well here are the facts. First are the console game exclusives. While anyone with Steam, Ps4, or Xbox can play Skyrim or Street Fighter there are some games that are exclusive only to console games or exclusive to specific company’s. For example Gears of War 4 is limited to only Xbox and the new Final Fantasy VII remake will only be for Ps4. PC games are more frequently moving to multi-platform  versions to boost revenue and fan base. Console games exclusives outweigh exclusive games not by number but by quality of the games. Second reason is the living room appeal. With console games you are invited to sit on a cozy couch with a 52in TV screen in front of you for ultimate gaming experience. Whereas with the PC games, you are hunched with the small screen and probably stuck at your office desk. Psychologist do say that there needs to be a space difference of work and play.  The third reason is that all American idea of convenience. Think of PC games as baking a home made pizza from scratch where as console games is Domino’s delivery pizza. PC gaming takes a lot more “prep” time for gaming then ready in the box console games. Plus the two joystick controller is much easier to handle then the WASD keys.

The GameStop Corp. may believe that the Ps4 will remain the king of console games in the coming years. In fact, recently visiting my local GameStop at least half of the floor was dedicated to either Ps4 and Ps3 games, consoles, and accessories. Being a long term Sony fan this makes a big victory for Team Play Station.

GameStop does have an ace up its sleeve to keep PlayStaion on its toes. Its the new Steam Machine which acts as a console for PC games found on Steam. Valve Corporation has the dream of combining the 1000’s of game options and beautiful graphics of the PC with the player friendly ease of console gaming along with the couch appeal of gaming. Its only a in its first generation and the basic model comes with a $450 price tag. Only time and next gen Steam Machine will tell if the digital market of gaming will out shine the PS4 market.

Here is a quick Video on the upcoming Steam Machine Console

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