The Best Denny’s Breakfast Items



Denny’s has been America’s Diner for over 60 years serving amazing breakfast dishes all day every day. Their menu holds food that anyone can enjoy but what are Americas favorite breakfast items from their favorite diner? Here we will show you Denny’s most popular breakfast dishes and next time you visit, you can jump on the Denny’s fan wagon and celebrate these best plates. Don’t forget to grab some Denny’s coupons before you go so you can save some money as well. Great food and a great price!

The Best Denny’s Breakfast Items

Red, White, and Blue Slam

This is Denny’s most patriotic dish on the menu and it defiantly deserves a spot on this list. The Red, White, and Blue Slam comes with two delicious buttermilk pancakes with fresh blue berries mixed in. Sliced ripe strawberries are sprinkled on top to add a nice flare and then add your white stripes with the dream cheese icing drizzle and a monument of whip cream to top it off with. On the side you get your classic Denny’s perfectly crispy hash browns with two eggs, cooked to your liking. And even better you can choose either (or both for just a little extra) two pieces of perfectly cook bacon or  two delectable sausage links. Everyone should try this dish at least once in their lifetime.

Lumberjack Slam

The Lumberjack Slam is a popular meal for those who need a little extra to satisfy their hunger. Again we have the wonderful buttermilk pancakes served on the side of two slices of grilled ham. With this slam you don’t have to chose between you two slices of bacon or two links of succulent sausage because you get both. Add another protein with two eggs cooked to as you wish and don’t forget your side of hash browns. Just one more thing to complete this dish and that your choice of one buttermilk biscuit, two slices of toast or an one english muffin with a gluten free option. This dish will leave anyone with their stomachs full.

All American Grand Slam

Another protein packed Slam thats a favorite amongst Denny’s fans is the All America Slam. We start with three eggs scrambled with cheddar mixed in. You get the best of both worlds with two slices of bacon and two sausage links and a side of those crispy hash browns. Finally it all comes together with your choice of english muffin (gluten free optional), a buttermilk biscuit or two slices of toast.

Honorable Mentions

Pancake Puppies

Though technically not a dish, you could defiantly fill up on this popular appetizer which is are delicious bite sized pancake rolls covered in cinnamon sugar served with sweet syrup. Its very difficult to not ruin your breakfast, lunch, or dinner with this little wonders but sometimes its just worth it for taste alone.

French Toast Slam

This classic slam is one of my favorites for Denny’s serve the best french toast I have  ever eaten. With this slam you get your two thick slices cinnamon French toast slices and the protein trio of two slices of crispy bacon, two eggs cooked to your desire, and two yummy sausage links. Its a simple but beautiful meal that will leave you more then satisfied.

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