Wired Magazine – Free One Year Subscription

Free One Year Subscription to Wired magazine

Wired Magazine – Free One Year Subscription

Here is a great deal for you this morning! Right now you can grab a FREE one year subscription to Wired magazine through Rewards Gold! Just click the link below and you will be on your way. If you are new to Rewards Gold than read through the hints below.

Wired Magazine free subscription

This free magazine offer is through Rewards Gold. Great way to score free magazine subscriptions to many popular magazine as the offers come up. Basically a lot of magazine companies use Rewards Gold to get there subscription numbers up so they can get advertisers signed up.

To get the free subscriptions through Rewards Gold you always have to do a very short survey. Most of it is is multiple choice questions and then you will have one short question to answer (50 words is all). Usually it will be a survey on what your favorite razor is, or something to that effect. Really easy to do and only takes a couple minutes to get it all filled out. Well worth it for some of these subscriptions.

I will tell you though, when they ask for your email address I always give them a secondary one I use for things like this. Not my main one. They don’t send a lot of spam but you could get an occasional email from them with new offers etc.

I’ve been doing these offers for years now and get a lot of free magazines. It’s great….I read them and then give most to my kids schools. They love it. They use them for art projects etc…

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