Where to Get Coupons?

where to get couponsWhere to Get Coupons?

I get asked the questions a lot, “Where to get coupons?” or “Where do I find coupons?”

So I thought I would put together a resource page for everyone with tips, tricks, hints etc……on proper ways to get coupons. Yes I said proper LOL…..none of these questionable or even illegal ways that you see portrayed on the television show “Extreme Couponing”. As always, here at Coupon Dad we portray couponing the ethical and acceptable way to ensure that couponing and our money savings ways will be around for a long time. As with anything, if it starts to be abused manufacturers will do away with couponing and it will ruin it for everyone else.

These are all acceptable ways to find, collect, print coupons to build your stash and help you start to save 50% or more on your grocery bill, clothing expenses, household items, dining out, entertainment…you get the idea LOL

I will add to the “Where to Get Coupons” list below as we go with any new information or sources are added. Also please feel free to leave comments on other ways you have found that may not be listed here.

Where to Get Coupons – Source # 1 – Newspaper Inserts and Ads

I’m guessing everyone is familiar with the coupon inserts that come in Sunday’s paper. There can be multiple inserts each week from companies like SmartSource, RedPlum, P&G etc… But a lot of people probably don’t realize that many newspapers across the country will send out a second set of the same coupons in one of the weekday issues. Here in San Antonio a second set of the coupon inserts are included in the Thursday newspaper.

  • Sunday newspaper
  • Weekday paper (some include a 2nd copy during the week)
  • Make sure to flip through the ads and sales papers that come in the paper. Often times you can find great Restaurant or entertainment deals.

Where to Get Coupons – Source # 2 – Online (Printable)

Online is probably one of the biggest and most popular sources to get coupons. There are many coupons sites, blogs like Coupon Dad, manufacturer sites etc…that all have coupons to print or information on where to get them.

A great resource is the Free Coupon List feature we have introduced here on the Coupon Dad website. It is a large database of (usually over 5,000 listings) of available coupons to print, what was in the inserts recently, and many other sources as well.  Also, included below is some of the top places to find coupons each month online to print. The SmartSource and RedPlum pages are different coupons than come in the newspaper inserts normally.

There are many other printable coupon sources as well…….I plan on adding a page with all the links soon. There are too many to list here LOL.

I often get asked is it worth the ink and paper to print all these coupons. In my experience…YES. I would get a laser printer however…the printer and ink cartridges are a little more expensive upfront but pay for themselves many times over. The laser ink cartridges last MUCH longer and the price per coupon printed is a lot less. The laser printers themselves in my experience also hold up a lot longer and you won;t be replacing them as often.

Where to Get Coupons – Source # 3 – Company Newsletters (Follow a good Coupon Blog)

A lot of companies will put coupons of their products in their email newsletters. However, you will quickly find that this becomes very cumbersome to keep up with and your email gets filled with so many newsletters you can’t keep up. Have no fear….I have a solution for you!

There are many great coupon blogs (I tend to like Coupon Dad…..but I may be a little biased LOL) that post this information for you. We will weed through all those newsletters and pull out the coupons and put them in one convenient place. Not only from the newsletters but printable coupons, online promo codes, hot deals etc…..all in one consolidated place. The best part is not only do we tell you about what coupon offers are out there….but we even show you some of the best places to match those coupons up to get the biggest savings.

I highly recommend following a blog like ours to maximize your coupon saving potential. We post educational information (like this post) so you can master couponing and increase your savings. You can subscribe to our daily email, follow us on Facebook, or even Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any money saving posts. You can subscribe to all three of these by clicking the images in the header.

Where to Get Coupons – Source # 4 – Magazines

This is actually a great source to find coupons. A lot of times the value of coupons found in magazine ads are a higher value than ones in the inserts or found online. Some great magazines that tend to have coupons in them are listed below.

Also if you follow a blog (like ours again….LOL), you will often see were we post deals to get subscriptions to these magazines for a little bit of nothing.

  • All You – the #1 magazine for coupons. Has probably 20 or more in each issue.
  • Better Homes & Garden
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Fitness
  • Weight Watchers
  • Family Circle
  • Women’s Day
  • …many others

Where to Get Coupons – Source # 5 – Contact your favorite brands

Have something you buy a lot of….? Some favorite products you can’t do without…? Then reach out to those manufacturers and tell them how much you like there products and ask them if they have any coupons. Many will send you coupons in the mail just because you asked. Sometimes you will even hit the jackpot and get some FREE product coupons or high value coupons for their products.

The best way is to email them through the contact form on their website or even to call there customer service number on the back of the products. I’ll be honest….I have better luck with calling them. But then again I’ve been told I have the gift of a silver tongue and can sweet talk people into anything…LOL  The key is to be nice, respectful and not to have the attitude that you are entitled to their coupons. Yes, I have to say that….you would be surprised by some of the stories I hear from the manufacturers I talk to.

As you can see there are many places to get coupons. I will keep building on this list until we have covered them all. As I mentioned above, please feel free to comment with any suggestions or ideas you have for me to add to the list!


  1. Coupon Dad says

    Thank you so much for the kind words. It’s stories like yours that make us do what we do!!!
    Please let us know if we can answer any questions you ever encounter along the way. You can always email me directly zack@coupondad.net. My wife is also a great resource and you may get a an answer to your question sooner from her because I get hundreds of emails each day. She can be reached at sandy@coupondad.net.
    Thanks again for the nice words.

  2. Denise says

    I’ve been trying to do the couponing thing for months now, and it is soooo confusing and congested! I’ve found only a few really good sites, “forthemammas, afullcup, shopathome, mycouponteacher, (must use the database printable coupons and not the scattered stuff on the website” and now I’ve found you! You actually have a teachable site that doesn’t just repeat everyone else’s site, you’ve taught me several things very valuable and I can’t thank you enough! Being disabled and very sick now, loosing your income is very hard and now with the increases in groceries prices and without the increase income, coupons are desperately needed by me, so thank you. Denise.

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi there!

    Want to make sure I understand which ones you are referring to. Do you have an example and then I can hep you out! ;)

    Zack aka Coupon Dad

  4. tightwadcouponer says

    This is the 1st time I’ve looked on your site beyond looking for a swag code ( and what I see scrolling down the 1st page). I like it so far and have already learned new stuff (coupond dad).
    As for coupon locations, I know we’re just past Christmas, but some places still have reduced  2012 calendars. Good cpn source. (Chick-Fil-A, Walgreens has one that I think is P&G cpns)These are out every year. My question is always how to get the booklets listed that I don’t recognize the names of. (the ones cpn sites will list as where cpns are located)
    I’m not that new of a cpner, just a slow learner. 

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