Wheat Thins Coupons 2012

Wheat Thins Coupons

Wheat Thins Coupons 2012

We have a new Wheat Thins coupon for their new Wheat Thins Bold Flavor that gets you a $1.00 off any one.  This coupon is on Facebook and when you share it with a friend you can also print up a $1 off any two!

Wheat Thins coupons

So just click the link above and head over to the page on Facebook. Then “like” the page.   You will get a link to a bricks coupon after you do for the $1.00 off….!  Then, if you shard that coupon with friends, you can print up the $1 off two!

You can print this Wheat Thins Coupons twice.


Great place to use this Wheat Thins coupon is……

Not seeing any deals at the moment but guessing since this is a new product there may be some soon! Let us know if you see any deals at your local stores.

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