Weight Watchers Promotion Codes 2014 for Over 45% Off

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weight watchers codes to save you on your diet plan

Current Weight Watchers Promotion Codes

1) Save over 45% with 3-month savings plan - Valid through May 2, 2014

3-month plan - (click link to activate savings)

Save over 45% with the 3-month savings plan!  Get the information and resources you need to follow the plan online!  Just click on the link above to activate your discount. Some exclusions may apply to Weight Watchers promotion codes and deals.

2) New Simple Start plan!  The simplest Weight watchers plan ever! - Good through May 31, 2014

Simple Start 2-week plan - (click link to activate savings)

Join the new Simple Start plan!  This is  the simplest Weight Watchers plan ever!  It comes with a 2-week plan to start right on your weight loss  journey and help you get on the path to long-term success. Just click on the link above to activate your savings and see how you can get started!  Some exclusions may apply to Weight Watchers promotion codes and deals.

3) Save 30% on the monthly pass – Valid through June 7, 2014

Monthly pass – (click link to activate savings)

Save 30% on your monthly pass and get unlimited meetings, free registration, free online and mobile tools! This is good in participating areas only, and the savings is off of the 1st month. Just shop through the link above to automatically apply your savings. Some exclusions may apply to Weight Watchers promotion codes.

These Weight Watchers promotion codes are only good for a limited time so don’t miss it…!

What a great Weight Watchers deal…. Also check out the article on US News where they rated Weight Watchers as the number one weight-loss diet program!

My assistant joined Weight Watchers recently and has some feedback on the program to share with all of you. Take it away Kimberly…

Kimberly’s thoughts on Weight Watchers

I am so excited about Weight Watchers!  I recently joined Weight Watchers online and am loving it.  I have 4 kids and gained a lot of weight with the last 2 pregnancies.  I have struggled for the past 6 years to get the weight off.  I tried different diets and would lose some weight, but always put it back on, as I was having to deprive myself of some things I really enjoyed, so they never really worked for me.  I kind of felt like giving up on losing weight, to be honest.

I am very busy as a mom of 4 and a working mom, and finding the time to get to Weight Watchers meetings just didn’t work with my family’s schedule.  With Weight Watchers online I’m able to do this from the comfort of my own home, and on my time schedule.  For many of you getting to meetings will be a big help, it just didn’t work with my family’s time constraints.

One of my favorite things about this diet is that I’m not depriving myself of foods I love.  I get to have bread every day, and I even have a Weight Watchers dessert everyday!  The best thing is I’m learning how to live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the foods I love, I’m just learning to control the portions and have balance with it all.  My weight loss has been substantial, and every week a little more weight comes off, so I keep at it.  All of the tips, tools and support I need are right online, and also available on my smartphone with the app I get after I signed up online.  They have meal plans put together for you and even suggestion of things to help you stay on track when your eating out!

I got so tired of the extra weight and seeing my friends post on Facebook about their weight loss, while I still sat there with extra pounds.  I decided ‘NO MORE’, I’m going to be the next friend on Facebook sharing my weight loss adventure and victory!  This is the first Weight Loss plan I’ve ever done that I know I can keep at it long term, and I’m comfortable saying that at this point, as I’ve been at it for a decent amount of time now.  I’m so excited knowing that I’m not only losing weight, but learning how to keep it off!

With the discount you’re getting above it really doesn’t hurt to give it a try!   Believe me…if I can do it…YOU CAN DO IT TOO!  Make sure you come back and let us know about your journey with Weight Watchers!

~ Kimberly

Weight Watchers online Weight Watchers Online
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Weight Watchers is one of the most popular tools to help people eat better and have a healthier lifestyle.

Online plans are available to get you started.

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