Vistaprint – $2 Kids’ T-Shirts!

$2 kids t-shirt

Vistaprint – $2 Kids’ T-Shirts!

Kids shirts are a dime a dozen, but why go out and buy a run of the mill generic one when you can have the kids stepping out in style with a unique shirt just for them…..and with this for ONLY $2.00!

Custom  Kids’ T-Shirt

Grab the kids and take craft time to a new level by letting them join in on the fun of creating their own special T-shirt together that is personalized for their unique self.

Let your little ones choose their favorite design from over 100 options available along with adding a silly saying, or let them choose their favorite photo from vacation this summer. The design studio is easy to use and offers so many customization options to really make this T-shirt unique!

The kids will love showing off their own creation, not only because they made it, but also because it’s super comfy.

See for yourself and grab your personalized kids’ T-shirt for only $2 today!



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