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BlueHost Promo Codes March 2015 – $3.95 Hosting!

BlueHost promo codesBlueHost Promo Codes March 2015 – $3.95 Hosting!

Looking to start a new website for your business or perhaps a blog? Than you will want to check out these BlueHost promo codes to save you money on your hosting!

Promo Code: BLUEHOST
Get the BlueHost basic hosting package for only $3.95 a month when you sign up through the link above! This deal is good for a limited time only.

Get a free domain name when you sign up for BlueHost hosting through the link above! Some exclusions may apply to the BlueHost promo codes and deals. Sign up now and get this great promotion!

Some great BlueHost features:

  • FREE Domain name
  • FREE 24/7 support
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited emails
  • Enhanced CPanel
  • …much more!

Yankee Candle Coupons March 2015 – $20 Off

Yankee Candle Coupons March 2015

Yankee Candle Coupons March 2015 – $20 Off

Here is some great new Yankee Candle coupons for you! We have a printable coupon as well as an online code for you. Both will get you $20 off a purchase of $40 or more! What’s your favorite Yankee Candle scent? My girls love the Cinnamon Sugar ones. I’m a fan of the Coconut smells :)

Yankee Candle printable

To get this coupon online just simply enter coupon code CHILLY5 at checkout.

Both of these Yankee Candle coupons are good through March 1st only….so don’t miss it!

Thanks Mojo Savings!

Style Made Simple at Walmart + Giveaway!

Style Made Simple at WalmartThis post is sponsored by Lunchbox, LLC. All opinions are my own!

Style Made Simple at Walmart + Giveaway!

Want beautiful hair, a great deal, and it be simple too?!? Walmart and some of your favorite products are showing you how with their Style Made Simple page! You can get the hair style / look you want with four easy steps. Go to the Style Made Simple page for tips, how to videos, as well as what products to use to get the look you want all simple like. We have four women in my house so we’ll definitely be checking out these tips!

So head over, watch the Style Made Simple videos and then grab some great products at a great price! Also make sure to enter our great giveaway with chances to win some Walmart gift cards!!! Details below.

Here are some of the products you will be checking out….

Looking for More Volume?

  • TRESemmé Youth Boost Shampoo
  • TRESemmé Youth Boost Conditioner
  • Suave Professional Luxe Style Soufflé Mousse
  • TRESemmé Youth Boost Voluminous Hold Hairspray

Maybe A Smooth Look?

  • TRESemmé 7-Day Keratin Smooth Shampoo
  • TRESemmé 7-Day Keratin Smooth Shampoo
  • TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray
  • Suave Professionals Luxe Style Smooth Hairspray

How About Some Curls?

  • Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo
  • Dove Quench Absolute Conditioner
  • Suave Professionals Luxe Style Soft Touch Curls Mousse
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Hairspray

A Little More Shine In Your Life?

  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo
  • Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner
  • TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Infusing Smoothing Serum
  • TRESemmé Youth Boost Voluminous Hold Hairspray

Enter the Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win a Walmart gift card! One winner will be drawn for a $50 gift card. Also five more winners will be drawn to win a $20 Walmart gift card…SWEET right?!?

Entry is simple as well….just check out the widget below for what you need to do! If you are on a mobile device then just click the link and you will be able to enter. This giveaway will run through March 4th. Make sure to use a good email address so you can be contacted if you are a winner. Good luck!!

Style Made Simple Giveaway

How A Calculator Can Save You A Bundle

How to save a lot of money with a calculatorHow A Calculator Can Save You A Bundle

We have all be to our local grocery store and stood there looking at the Double, Triple, and Mega Rolsl wondering which one of the packages on the shelves is the best price. This is how a calculator can save you a bundle!

Manufactures are tricky. They want you to spend more of your hard earned money. Just take out your calculator and you won’t have to! That’s why it’s very important to calculate your unit price.

To calculate unit price, you divide the unit (weight, length, volume) by the price. For example. If a bag of pet food cost $11.88 for a 13 pound bag, $7.78 for a 6.3 pound bag, or $4.24 for a 3.15 pound bag. Which is the better buy? Here’s  where your calculator comes in. I also have a pen and paper so I can jot, but I have mom brain and no memory, but that’s just me. Especially when I’m comparing more than 2 items.  Here’s what you do:

1. Hit the clear button on your calculator.
2. Enter the price into your calculator. In this case, $11.88.
3. Hit the divided by sign.
4. Enter the unit. In this case, it’s 13 because it’s a 13 pound bag of food.
5. Hit the = button
6. Congratulations, you have just figured unit cost. The 13 pound bag cost $.91 per pound.

Repeat process for other 2 sizes.
The 6.3 pound bag cost $1.23 per pound and the 3.15 pound bag cost $1.35 per pound. As you can see, the smallest bag is $.44 per pound more than the larger, therefore the better bargain.

However, bigger doesn’t always mean you are going to get the better price. This is especially true with bath tissue. You could be pay several dollars more for the triple rolls when in fact the double rolls are the better bargain.
Example A mega roll that that’s $16.98 that has 646 The double roll is $9.97 for 431 sqft total. The mega is $.03 per sqft. The double roll is $.02 per sqft! See. The double one is less expensive… sometimes they are the same price. That’s why it’s important to check the unit price.

Of course, if it’s a non-perishable item, you will want to buy the one with the best unit price. If it’s perishable, you don’t want to pay for a larger amount and then throw it out. That’s not saving you any money!

So there you have it. I never go to the store without my calculator, which is also my phone. It saves us a bundle!

Meow Mix Printable Coupon – $2 off 1

Meow Mix printable coupon for $2 off 1 Meow Mix Printable Coupon – $2 off 1

Save on your kitty’s food too! This Meow Mix printable coupon will help with your pet food budget. There are actually 2 Meow Mix coupons.

Meow Mix printable coupons

Click the link above to print either a $2 /1 13.5 pound bag or larger or $1/1 3 pound bag or larger. You can print 2 each of the coupons. Check the coupon for the expiration date.

Use your coupon at Walmart

Meow Mix 13 lb. bag – $11.88
– $2 off coupon
Final = $9.88, unit price $.76 per pound

Meow Mix 6.3 pound bag – $7.78
-$1 off coupon
Final = $6.78, unit price $1.08 per pound

Meow Mix 3.15 pound bag – $4.24
-$1 off coupon
Final = $3.24, unit price $1.02 per pound

As you can see, the price of the larger bag is way less expensive. It’s always good to check your unit price after your coupon!