Weight Watchers Deal – 50% Off Plans

Save 50% off with this Weight Watchers deal

Weight Watchers Deal – 50% Off Plans

If you have been wanting to try Weight Watchers, but have been on the fence now is the time. There is a new Weight Watchers deal that gets you 50% off plans in participating areas. We always have the latest Weight Watchers codes, but this one needed a special call out!

To get this Weight Watchers deal, simply click the link.  Your discount will automatically apply. Hurry,  this deal is good through today, June 22, 2015 only.

I’ve had great success with Weight Watchers. It’s a very easy plan and you don’t feel deprived, which was very important to me. The plan works. You should try it. Especially for 50% off!!

Weight Watchers Codes and Deals 2015

Weight Watchers codes and discountsWeight Watchers Codes 2015

Using these Weight Watchers promotion codes will not only help you shed those unwanted pounds, but you will save money too… perhaps for some new threads??? You will need it with the weight that you will lose! What are you waiting for??? Go, sign up, and start working toward your ideal weight. Mrs. Coupon Dad has used Weight Watchers with great success. She now uses it to maintain. It works for her and there are tons of tools to help you succeed in your weight loss journey.

Weight Watchers Codes

All of these Weight Watchers promotion codes are only good for a limited time so don’t miss it…! No time better than now to get started. The information they supply is great and makes it easier to get healthier.

Also check out the article on US News where they rated Weight Watchers as the number one weight-loss diet program! #weightwatchers

My wife joined Weight Watchers recently and has some feedback on the program to share with all of you. Take it away Mrs. Coupon Dad…

Mrs. Coupon Dad’s Thoughts on Weight Watchers

I am so excited about Weight Watchers! I recently started Weight Watchers online in January of 2014. I have 4 kids and gained a lot of weight, especially with my last one. Who am I kidding, I have struggled with my weight since my oldest was born almost 20 years ago! I have tried ALL the diets. The low fat, no fat, no meat, no bread…. you name it, I have tried it. Weight Watchers is different. I have lost nearly 60 pounds and I have kept it off.

I am very busy, working  mom of 4 and finding the time to get to Weight Watchers meetings just doesn’t work with my family’s schedule. With Weight Watchers Essentials I’m able to do this from the comfort of my own home, and on my time schedule. For many of you getting to meetings will be a big help, it just didn’t work with my family’s time constraints.

One of my favorite things about Weight Watchers is that I’m not depriving myself of foods I love. In fact, it’s not really a diet. You become very aware of the foods you are eating and you will also see better, healthier choices. I get to have bread every day, and I even have a Weight Watchers dessert everyday!  The best thing is I’m learning how to live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the foods I love, I’m just learning to control the portions and have balance with it all.  My weight loss has been substantial, and every week a little more weight comes off, so I keep at it. All of the tips, tools and support I need are right online, and also available on my smartphone with the app I get after I signed up online. They have meal plans put together for you and even suggestion of things to help you stay on track when your eating out!

I got so tired of the extra weight and seeing my friends post on Facebook about their weight loss, while I still sat there with extra pounds. I decided ‘NO MORE’, I’m going to be the next friend on Facebook sharing my weight loss adventure and victory! This is the first weight loss plan I’ve ever done that I know I can keep at it long term and I’m comfortable saying that at this point, as I’ve been at it for a decent amount of time now. I’m so excited knowing that I’m not only losing weight, but learning how to keep it off!

With the discount you’re getting above with the Weight Watchers promotion codes it really doesn’t hurt to give it a try! Believe me…if I can do it…YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Make sure you come back and let us know about your journey with Weight Watchers!

~ Sandy a.k.a. Mrs. Coupon Dad

HOT Weight Watchers Deal – 50% Off Any Plan!!

Save big with this Weight Watchers deal for 50% off any plan

Weight Watchers Promo Codes

HOT Weight Watchers Deal – 50% Off Any Product!!

If you have been thinking about doing Weight Watchers, now is this time! This is a HOT Weight Watchers deal that get you 50% off any plan…SWEET!!

Get 50OFFALL by clicking the link.  You will be asked to enter your zip code. Then you choose a plan and get started…. see, easy peasy!   I used Weight Watchers Online Plus and lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off for over 3 years now!! I couldn’t have done it without Weight Watchers and I learned so much about weight loss, exercise, and most importantly, not depriving yourself. So it really works!!

Choose from:

  • Online Plus – It’s 24/7 support. Chat with coaching anytime for only $19.95 per month
  • Meetings  – Get the social support + Online Plus, the 24/7 support for only $44.95 per month.
  • Personalize Coaching – Personalized 1:1 coaching + the Online Plus 24/7 support for only $54.95 per month
  • Total Access – This is the 24/7 online support + meetings + personalized coaching all for only $69.95!!

These prices are 50% off the regular price. Think of the savings!! What are you waiting on? Meet your weight loss goals AND save 50%!!

Hurry, this Weight Watchers deal ends April 11, 2015.

Weight Watchers Printable Coupon $2 Off

Save big with this Weight Watchers printable coupon for $2 off your $5 purchase

Weight Watchers Printable Coupon $2 Off

Counting points? This Weight Watchers printable coupon will save you some dough while you are working the system. Thinking about joining Weight Watchers?? Check out our Weight Watchers promotions codes to save 30% or more on your membership.

Get your $2 off $5 Weight Watchers coupon. You can print 2 and they expire 30 days from day of print.

Use your coupon at Walmart
Many of the Weight Watchers food items are $1.98, grab 2
Cost $5.94
Use $2/$5 printable Weight Watchers coupon from above
Final total = $3.94 or $1.31 each!!

Hot Weight Watchers Deals January 2015 – 50% Off

Weight Watchers Deals on Essentials January 2015Hot Weight Watchers Deals January 2015 – 50% Off

It’s a New Year and time to get started on that new you right?!? This is a great time to join and start getting help to live a healthier life. Right now we have some hot Weight Watchers deals for 50% off their new Essentials plan when you buy just one month! How cool is that. With this price it is worth signing up and giving it a try. I have a feeling you will LOVE all the tools and information you get and it’s right at your finger tips.

My wife has joined a while back and she loves it! The Essentials plan is a great way to get started and come packed with great features. You get:

  • Customized meal ideas and recipes.
  • 24/7 Expert chat.
  • The proven points system (really helps!).
  • A community of support.
  • Mobile Apps and Tools.
  • …and you can seamlessly sync with your fitness devices.

Sounds great right?!

There are many other deals going right now too on all the Weight Watchers plans. Head over to our Weight Watchers promo codes page to see all the deals going. There are savings on plans that include meetings, a join free promotion and much more. Plus you can read Mrs. Coupon Dad’s thought son the Weight Watchers plan! We keep that page up to date with all the latest deals. So bookmark, pin it, share it…which ever it so you can easily find it again.


Weight Watchers Free Trial – Get Started Now!

Weight Watchers free trial graphic

Weight Watchers Free Trial

Looking to start eating healthier and getting back into shape? Wanting a Weight Watchers free trial so you can try them out? While they don’t usually offer a completely free trial….right now you can sign up for free at WeightWatchers.com! This saves you just shy of $30 (the sign up fee) to help you get started. Just head over to the Weight Watchers site through the link above to get this free sign up deal. The offer will be available through October 25th only so don’t wait.  In order to get the free sign up savings you do have to sign up for their 3 month savings plan. However it is a bargain for all the information, tools and advice you will get. You even get access to mobile apps to help you keep tabs on what you are eating throughout the day. Another cool feature is if you are dining out they have a restaurant finders database to help you make better choices from the menu and stay on track. The best part however in my opinion is the large community you get to join. It’s great to talk and get support from people going through the program with you.

You can also check out our Weight Watchers promotion codes page for all the other great deals going right now. While there you can read a success story from my assistant Kimberly who has used the program. See how she was successful even with being a busy mom of four kids!

So head over to the site and get started. There is no time like the present, and with deals like the Weight Watchers free trial and promotion codes we have you have no reason not to! Nothing like getting healthy and saving some money too!

Weight Watchers Program Deal for FREE Sign-Up

Weight Watchers Program Deal for free sign-up

Weight Watchers Program Deal for FREE Sign-Up

We have a great Weight Watchers program deal for you all!  For a limited time you can sign up for FREE with the purchase of their 3-month savings plan!  If you’re trying to shed a few pounds before you head to the beach, you should check this out. Weight Watchers is an amazingly successful weight loss program.

Weight Watchers 3-month plan

Just click on the link above to activate your savings and take advantage of this great Weight Watchers Program deal! This deal is good through March 22, 2014, so grab the savings while you can!


My assistant, Kimberly, has been doing the Weight Watchers program for a while now and not only has she lost over *50 pounds, she’s been able to keep it off. (*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.)   She wrote about her experience with Weight Watchers over on our Weight Watchers codes page on our main site, if you want to check that out.

We also have some other great Weight Watchers deals, for programs like their new 2-week simple start plan and more!  So make sure you head over to read what Kimberly has to say about the program and the other deals that are available!