Tervis Promo Code – Free Shipping On All Orders

Tervis promo code
Tervis Promo Code – Free Shipping On All Orders

Great new Tervis promo code for free shipping on all orders. SWEET! Use the Tervis coupon SPRING at checkout to get your discount.

We love Tervis. In fact, that’s the only thing you will find in our cabinet. We really like the lifetime guarantee and I like that they don’t sweat as much as traditional drinkware.

Tervis is good for hot and cold beverages. Good through March 23, 2015.

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Tervis Coupon Code March 2015 – 10% Off

Save big with Tervis coupon code and dealsTervis Coupon Code March 2015

Tervis Store Locations

Tervis has a few store locations along coastal areas. However, Tervis products are withing many other retailers such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Tervis locations Click the link above and enter your zipcode to find the nearest Tervis retailer near you.

How to Save on Tervis Cups

The best way to save on Tervis is to visit this page often. It is updates daily with the latest Tervis coupon code and deals.

What We Love About Tervis

We love Tervis. In fact, it is the only thing we drink from. Why you ask? Well here are a few reasons. Tervis is made in the USA. Florida to be exact. Tervis has a LIFETIME guarantee on their products. Mrs. Coupon Dad loves them because they help prevent your drinks from sweating and making a mess all over the furniture. Especially, the water bottle. She says it’s the only water bottle she has ever had that she could add ice to and it didn’t drip everywhere. Tervis really is the only thing we drink from. We love them. We love them because we can get them personalized to fit any personality. The best thing is the lifetime guarantee. If for any reason, your Tervis breaks, simply fill out the form that is found on the website and send it back. They will return to you a brand new one in a matter of weeks. In some cases, you can even change the designs if you have to return the product. Enjoy your new Tervis cups and our Tervis coupon code!

Tervis Deal – Snoopy Valentine Tumbler Only $5

Tervis Deal for Snoopy Valentines cups for only $5
Tervis Deal – Snoopy Valentine Tumbler Only $5

Tervis is our favorite drinkware. I mean what’s not to love with the lifetime warranty, made is the USA… they are awesome. With this Tervis deal, you can get a Snoopy Valentine Tumbler for only $5!!

When you purchase $50 on any Tervis Tumblers, get a Snoopy Valentine Tumbler for only $5!! Use the Tervis coupon code HEART or SWEET at checkout to get the deal. This deal is good through February 14, 2015.

If you just want to purchase 1 cup, they are $19 and you get free shipping with the code WINTER15!

Tervis Deal – 20% Off + FREE Shipping

Tervis Deal for 20% off coupon + free shipping

Tervis Deal – 20% Off + FREE Shipping

Tervis is my absolute favorite drinkware. Why? Several reasons really, but the main reason is I can’t stand holding a drink that drips all over the place. Tervis prevents that. Also, the LIFETIME guarantee is a plus too. If you come to my house, you won’t find anything else to drink from!

The best deal available on Tervis is happening NOW… get 20% off your entire purchase + FREE shipping. Just order the Tervis coupon CYBER at checkout to lock in your savings. This Tervis deal is good through December 1, 2014.

Tervis Promo Code – 25% Off Purchase

Tervis Promo Code - 25% Off Purchase


Tervis Promo Code – 25% Off Purchase

Tervis is our favorite drinkware and now you can use the Terivs promo code for 25% off your entire purchase!!  Why is Tervis the only thing in our cabinet you ask?? Well, mostly because I don’t like cups that sweat. In fact it’s kinda a pet peeve and let’s not talk about the rings it leaves on your furniture!!!  So now the only time that I have a sweaty cup is when it is really, really humid outside. But even then, it isn’t bad.

You too can get your very own Tervis tumbler. Just use the Tervis promo code 1DAY at checkout to get your 25% off!!

Oh, and I can’t forget…  there is the lifetime warranty! Yep, lifetime. Just send it back and Tervis will send you a new one! We also like that they are made in America!

It’s fun to personalize them. We have Redskins Tervis (in case you didn’t know Zack was a fan), geeky ones, designs from our favorite vacation destinations… really, something for everyone.  They have Tervis for NFL, NBA, MLB, even collegiate teams… Roll Tide!

This Tervis promo code is good through October 15, 2014.

– Mrs. CD