My Coke Rewards New Schools Program….!

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My Coke Rewards Schools

My Coke Rewards New Schools Program….!

All right all you Coupon Dad readers…..I have been asked to spread the word about a new My Coke Rewards program. I can’t think of many things more important than our children’s education….and here is a way we can help.

Read through and tell me what you think? Sounds like a great program right?

Everyone knows about the programs right? When you buy any of the 15 participating Coca-Cola products, you can enter the codes under the bottle caps or inside the box and then you are rewarded points. For example, you get 10 points for a 12 pack or 3 points for a 20 oz. bottle of participating Coca Cola products. You then turn those points into cool products like movie tickets, magazine subscriptions, t-shirts, cups, even FREE Cola-Cola products. Sounds pretty cool huh?

It is very easy to enter the codes. You can text them (this is what Sandy does), enter them at, or even get a desktop Widget.

Well now Coke has an awesome new program called the My Coke rewards for schools where you can donate your points to the school of your choice. My Coke Rewards for Schools is a great way for you to help your local schools get some much needed new stuff…! Your schools can redeem points for the things they need like classroom supplies, sports equipment, books and much more….SWEET. A really easy way to help out your local schools in need.

Something else really cool with the program from Sprite. Now through September 30, Sprite is giving away 25 new outdoor active spaces, worth $25,000 each, to schools…! Awesome right?  Consumers who purchase and enter a code from any package of Sprite/Sprite Zero get an entry into the sweepstakes to help their school win. In addition, every three points donated to the school through the Sprite Spark Parks for Schools sweepstakes will give the school additional chances. Also any newly registered school also get a chance to a win….

Sounds like an AWESOME program…so how do I Donate?

Well I have the skinny for you:

• Purchase your favorite participating Coca-Cola product (there are 15 participating brands)
• Enter codes at to get points
• Pick your school and donate the number of points you would like to give
• Your school uses the points to get rewards like athletic equipment, classroom supplies and more.

SWEET now how does my school register for the program?

That’s easy too. Here’s what they need to do:

• Identify a School Coordinator to manage your school’s account.
• Go to and click on “Register Today” to find your school and complete the registration process.
• Once you’ve completed registration, start spreading the word & encourage parents to donate My Coke Rewards points to support your school

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My Coke Rewards Giveaway Winners!

My Coke Rewards Giveaway Winners!My Coke Rewards

Congratulations to the following readers for winning the 10 My Coke Reward Points!

1. Veronique H. #53
2. Alli #15
3. Stephanie #26
4. Melanie #50
5. Stephanie #40
6. D’Andrea #40
7. Susan #32
8. Amy Delong #4
9. Sunnie #30
10. Chris T. #3

The winners will be receiving an email soon with details on on their points.

Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope to see you back soon for more great coupons, deals, and giveaways!

My Coke Rewards Points Giveaway!

My Coke RewardsMy Coke Rewards Points Giveaway

So we all love getting FREE stuff right?… Well why not get free stuff just for enjoying the delicious beverages from Coca- Cola? Have you heard of “My Coke Rewards”? It is a really cool programs that offers you reward points for drinking Coke products.

From the very first day I met my wife, I knew she was a Coca-Cola fan, she made that very clear. On our first date she was very upset that I took her to a restaurant that did not serve Coca-Cola… Lucky for me, she forgave…. LOL.

We always have Coke products in our fridge. In fact, the loft in our home is decorated with Coca-Cola memorabilia.   So needless to say,  Coke Zero is always in our grocery cart. We also have Diet Coke for when my mother visits,  “Red Coke” for when my step-mom visits, and Dasani for my MIL. Since we purchase a lot of Coca-Cola products, I am glad we are members of My Coke Rewards.

What is my Coke Rewards:
With more than 15 million registered members, is one of the top consumer packaged goods loyalty websites and the number one beverage website in the U.S. My Coke Rewards helps consumers find lots of little and big things that put a smile on their face every time they enjoy a Coca-Cola product. Consumers may join My Coke Rewards by going online and setting up a rewards account at Members then accumulate points by entering the My Coke Rewards codes found under the cap or on inside flap of fridge packs of any of the hundreds of participating Coca-Cola products in a variety of brands and sizes. My Coke Rewards codes may also be found on bonus offers on cups, scratch cards and coupons. Members then easily redeem rewards for great prizes and gifts, enter sweepstakes or donate points to their local school, favorite charity or cause. Since its inception in 2006, My Coke Rewards members have entered more than 1 billion codes from participating brands.

You can even enter your codes via text message… how cool is that? That is what I do.

The Participating Product:

My Coke Rewards products

Million Ways to Say Thanks:
Million Point Giveaway, My Coke Rewards is thanking its members by giving away thousands of free points every day that people can redeem for the things they love, including portable DVD players, gift certificates and more Coca-Cola products.

Simply log on through September 30, 2010 and enter a code from a fridge-pack of your favorite participating Coca-Cola beverage to receive the usual 10 points plus an invitation to enter the promotion for an instant chance to win. Winners are notified immediately, and with more than 1,300 winners every day- more than 79,000 My Coke Rewards members will win points over the course of the two month promotion. One lucky winner also will be awarded a 1,000 point shopping spree each day and a grand prize winner will be awarded 10,000 points each week.

If that wasn’t enough already, My Coke Rewards is also releasing a catalog of limited-edition rewards, including an HD digital video camera, 15-inch widescreen HDTV, mountain bike and more.


My Coke Rewards is offering a chance to win even more points. My Coke Rewards is giving 10 lucky Coupon Dad readers 10 MyCoke Rewards points.

If You Would Like to enter:
To enter leave a comment telling me you favorite Coca-Cola Beverage…and make sure you enter a valid email address so if you win we can email you your code.

Entry Deadline: You can enter through Monday, September the 6th. After that the random winners will be chosen and codes will be emailed as soon as possible.