Mountain High Yoghurt Coupon October 2012

mountain high yoghurt coupon to save $0.50 off 1 32 oz. product

Mountain High Yoghurt October Coupon 2012

We have a new coupon for Mountain High Yogurt products for you this evening!

Save $0.50 off one Mountain High Yoghurt (32 oz.)

Mountain High Yoghurt Printable Coupon

This link will take you directly to the coupon, but if you have trouble finding the coupon…try using zip code 78250 and look under foods.

The expiration date on your Mountain High Yoghurt coupon is 30 days after print.  You can print this coupon twice!

Great place to use your Mountain High Yoghurt Coupon is

At this time, I am not seeing any deals for this product.  Let us know if you find a deal at your store!

Enjoy the savings!