Neosporin Printable Coupon – 2011 – HOT!!

Neosporin couponNeosporin Printable Coupon – 2011 – HOT!!

Alright for all those banged up knees and little fingers that tend to get more cuts than anything else… We have a GREAT printable NEOSPORIN coupon! (It’s for grown ups too – if you were wondering)

Grab your HOT $2.00 off any one Neosoporin tube printable coupon quick – They just won’t hang around forever unfortunately…

Neosporin printable coupon

This is a BRICKS managed coupon, BUT you will only get one shot to print this one… so befopre you click print make sure everything is in order!



Treximet Deals and Free First Prescription

Treximet Adult Migraine Medicine Deals and Free First Prescription Offer!

For anyone who suffers from migraines and is thinking about Treximet, or already taking Treximet, I came across this deal and looks like it could help save some money.

I know how expensive prescriptions can be and migraine medicine especially. My wife has always suffered from migraines and we have been on quite a few different medications…..the common theme is they all tend to cost a lot.

Treximet is a new adult migraine medication from GlaxoSmithKline the makers of Imitrex. Looks to me like it is a supped up version.

Click on the picture on the left to be taken to the Treximet special offers page where you can learn more, sign up for valuable information, get future money saving offers and if you are new to Treximet you can get your first prescription free.

Hope this helps!

…..and of course I’m not a doctor so I’m not endorsing this product, just thought it may help :)

Also a helpful hint, a lot of common prescription drugs have coupons or deals available on them. Just search the drug manufacturer’s site or send me a note via the contact link at the top of the page and I’ll see what I can find for you!