Smart Source Coupons – Letter to Retailers

Recently Henri Lellouche – Senior Vice President at Smart Source Online released a letter for consumers to use when questioned about the legitimacy of their Smart Source coupons.

The letter goes into small details on how to tell if a coupon printed from Smart Source is legit and reasons why the retailer should be honoring these coupons.

Now I have never personally run into this issue but have heard stories from others where they were given a hard time by some store managers about their coupons being legit. While this is not very common it can happen.

I haven’t talked about Coupon Binders yet (will post soon), this kind of letter is a good thing to print off and keep on your coupon binder. Other helpful information to have is the retailers coupon policy in case you run into any issues.

Below you will find links to this letter as well as links to some popular stores coupon policies (if you are looking for one in particular let me know and I will see if I can hunt it down for you)

Smart Source Letter