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The Brainy Store

Glowberry Bears
The Flashcard Friends

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Glowberry Bears –

This cute and cuddly talking blue bear is playful, creative and true and when he makes a friend, he sticks to them like glue.

He can interact with your child (bear-to-child mode) or directly with Summer Lightly (bear-to-bear mode)

His tummy turns into a night light that automatically turns off after three minutes of inactivity. Ages 3+

Flashcard Friends –

These unique and adorable wooden vehicle characters have very special cargo – flashcards on academic topics like letters, numbers and more!

Each Flashcar Friends™ vehicle is made of wood, including the flashcards too!

Sadie the ABCs School Bus has beautiful, real world images on each of her flashcard inserts that introduce every letter of the alphabet. Whether you roll her around or take her on-the-go, learning the ABCs has never been so fun. Ages 2 – 5.

Review / Opinions:

As a dad, I love toys take engage the kids and encourages learning.The Brainy Store offers tons of toys that do just that.

First, I’ll start with the Glowberry Bear.  My youngest daughter was afraid of the dark. Up until she was 7, we would find her camped out on our bedroom floor in her sleeping bag. If only she had had a Glowberry Bear.  When it’s bedtime, his little tummy lights up!!

The really cool part about the Glowberry Bears is their interaction. They each have their own voice and personality.

Next, the Flashcard Friends. All of my kids used flashcards in one way or the other. The thing I like most about them is they give your child a really cool place to store their flashcards!!

The Brainy Store offers ton of toys for any future brainiac in your life.

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Glowberry Bears by The Brainy Store

Flashcard Friends by The Brainy Store

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Glowberry Bears $12.99

Flashcard Friends $ 19.99

* A free sample of this product was given to me for review purposes. This had no bearing on the review and all comments are my opinion and not that of the manufacturer’s.