Dove Men+Care Hair Products Coupon + Target Deal Scenario

Dove Men+Care hair coupon for $1 off 1 and Target deal scenario

Dove Men+Care Hair Products Coupon + Target Deal Scenario

I have an awesome new Dove Men+Care hair products coupon for you to print up today! Dove Men+Care hair care now has 4 different shampoos made just to help us guys get healthier hair. They have Fresh Clean 2-in-1, Anti Dandruff, Thickening, and Sensitive Scalp 2 in 1! You’ll be able to score a great deal at Target using this coupon, so make sure you get it printed up!

Get $1.00 off 1 Dove Men+Care hair care

Dove Men-Care printable coupon

Just click on the link above and it will take you right to this  Dove Men+Care hair products coupon.  This is a Target store coupon too, so if you happen to have a manufacturer’s coupon to go with it you’ll save even more!

I was thinking about how different us guys approach ‘styling’ our hair than ladies do. I know you ladies have all sorts of hair things to style your hair. Guys, well we usually just use our hands. I think we’d all get a kick reading about how you (or your man) ‘styles’ his hair! Does he actually use a brush, hair products like gel, or just use his hands? Maybe he just shaves it all off or keeps it really short so he just has to dry and go! Leave a comment below about how you (or your guy) takes care of his hair!

Great place to use your Dove Men+Care Coupon is…

Target Deal Scenario:

Dove Men+Care shampoo/conditioner – $3.99 to $7.98
Use one $1.00 off 1 Dove Men+Care hair care coupon (linked above)
Final price = $2.99 – $6.98

Enjoy the savings!

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Dove Men+Care Coupons 2012 – $2 in Coupons!

Dove Men+Care coupons

Dove Men+Care Coupons 2012 – $2 in Coupons!

We have two great coupons on Dove Men+Care products for you today! These are great product IMO opinion…..I use them all time. Love that they are geared towards guys…..and if you haven’t seen the shower tool you should check it out. WAY more manly than those girly poofy things LOL

There are two coupons available to print. One for a $1.00 off Dove Men+Care deodorant and the other for a $1.00 off one body wash, face bar or scrubber.

Dove Men+Care printable coupons

The link above takes you to the Walmart page where you can print out the Dove+Men Care coupons. While there you can also check out some cool videos and information about the products. Telling you though…, or your guy will probably like them (especially the tool..LOL)



Dove Men + Care Coupon August 2011

Dove Men + Care couponDove Men + Care Coupon August 2011

Awesome $1.00 off any one Dove Men+Care body wash, Body and Face bar or Active Clean Shower Tool…

Dove Men+Care coupon

This coupon is Bricks managed and will not be around for long! Remember you can hit your back button and get a second print.

What is your favorite scent?  Clean Comfort is mine!



Dove Men+Care “Journey to Comfort”

Dove Men + CareName of Product:

Dove Men + Care

Short Description:

So what does everybody currently use for soap or body wash?

Dove introduces, MEN+CARE, the brand’s first-ever product line created specifically for men. The new products are designed for men who have a reached a point in their lives where they are comfortable with themselves, but not in their skin.

Dove also has launched a very cool campaign with some of our favorite baseball celebrities starting with Albert Pujols called “Journey to Comfort”. They have a very interesting short video with clips from a very candid interview with Albert. Very cool to see a more personal side of some of our favorite celebs.

Review / Opinions:

So I have to admit I am more of a body wash kind of man than bar soap when taking a shower. Something along the lines of too many movie scenes with soap slipping out of hands in public showers and well….I’ll just leave it at that. Although, I have to admit every time I squeeze the body wash onto one of those little “poofy” things I think I should be handing my guy card in as soon as I get out of the shower. At least now this has been addressed too….

I have been testing out the Dove Men + Care line for the past few weeks. The fine people at Dove sent me a sample of the body wash, the bar soap and the new Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool (new guy card approved tool).

Dove Men + Care body wash

Hey what can I say….gets the job done, manly smell and doesn’t dry you out. All pluses in my book.

Dove Men + Care productsDove + Men Care bar soap

So I did try it out for the review (but was very careful not to drop it). I decided to try it out just as a face soap since it says face and body bar. I was actually very surprised that it didn’t dry my face out at all being a bar soap.

Dove Men + Care Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool (even sounds more manly than a “poofy”)

Great tool for us body wash users. Has two sides, one side is a mesh applicator to create the suds and such. The other side is a scrub pad to exfoliate (sounds to girlie)……to scour away dead skins cells or any stubborn dirt and grime.

Ready to make the switch? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Link to Product Site:

Dove Men Care web site

Where You Can Purchase:

Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other fine retailers

Price of Product:

Suggested retail price-

$4.99- Face and Body Washes

$3.19- Face and Body Bars 2 pack

$3.99- Active Clean Shower tool

* A free sample of this product was given to me for review purposes. This had no bearing on the review and all comments are my opinion and not that of the manufacturer’s.

Free Sample of Dove Mens Care!

Dove Men + Care Free Sample from Walmart

Great New product from Dove called Men+Care specially formulated for…..wait for it……wait for it…..yes, Men LOL

Dove Men Care free sample

Get a Free sample of the Dove Men+Care bodywash from Walmart! Hurry only while supplies last and these go pretty quick.

This is great stuff, one of the only things I use now. I especially like the MAN shower tool…