Kenmore Biggest Household Design Challenge: Genius Tip

Kenmore Biggest Household Design Challenge: Genius Tip

Last month, Kenmore asked me to talk about my biggest design challenge. My challenge was household design, or more specifically filling up some blank wall space in my house without blowing the budget. Check out my full post on my Biggest Household Challenge for all the details…!

Kenmore is on the search for everyday genius tips & each month they are giving away $3,000 in Kenmore gift certificates  and a chance to have the best idea turned into an ad..!

You can enter your genius tip at Kenmore on Facebook and be entered for a chance to win one of the $3,000 prizes…! Only takes a few minutes so head over now before you forget :) Also don’t forget to leave your tip below on the discussion box. We would love to hear them as well.

As you can see, our dining room walls look pretty bland (picture below). Just white walls and a buffet. My wife and I have been debating for some time on how to dress this wall up. Sure, there are tons of options out there but we didn’t want to spend a fortune on art and home decorating.

Our genius tip…

Well, we have several ideas or tips that revolve around one theme… photography. You don’t have to be a professional photographer with expensive equipment to take a good photo. A simple point and shoot camera can very well do the trick! If you like flowers, take photos of flowers in your neighborhood, print them, put them in like frames and tada…you have yourself some one-of-a-kind art!!

I will say, my wife is the photographer in the family and her favorite subject is our children. She wanted to take nice photos of the kids and make those photos into art to go over our buffet. Sandy feels the best lighting is natural lighting so she and the kids set out for a nature walk/photo shoot. That morning she took over 300 photos of the children. Now we had the task of choosing which photos we wanted to showcase and how.

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What’s Your Biggest Household Design Challenge?

Kenmore LogoKenmore Wants to Know: What’s Your Biggest Household Design Challenge?

Oh, and did I mention you can enter to win an iPad2 courtesy of Kenmore (details below)

I know, household designing and decorating is not the manliest of topics.  I will be the first  to admit that in my household, my dear wife gets the final say on the decorating…! But as long as I get a comfy chair and a big television…..I’m ok with that LOL.   However, while she is in charge of making our house a home, it is my job to keep the budget under control (yep, I’m a little bit of a tight wad…bet you never would have guessed)

Two years ago, we moved into our new home. Our biggest household design challenge has been, how do we decorate our walls with art tastefully… on a budget??? We have a lot of blank white walls. While my wife and I are both lovers of art, it can be very expensive.

Below is a picture on my dining room wall. Blank, white, nothing, nada!!! We have a beautiful buffet that really gets lost in the sea of white.  We want something that will make our buffet stand out and make our wall look beautifully decorated. Oh yeah, I forgot the important part… I want to do this on a tight budget.

Our Dining Room Wall

So what are some of your design challenges?

Stay tuned…..because next month, I am going to share my genius tip to solve our biggest household design challenge….! But in the mean time please share some of your design challenges below….!

I did mention something about an Apple iPad2 earlier didn’t I..? So to enter  all you have to do is two very simple things.

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Easy right…?

The winner will be chosen randomly from all participants and will be announced on April 30th, 2011..!

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