New DataBar Barcode System on Coupons Being Introduced

Coupon BarcodeNew DataBar Barcode System on Coupons Being Introduced

I wanted to take a quick second and give everyone a heads up on the new barcodes we are starting to see on our coupons.  These new barcodes are called  GS-1 DataBar barcodes and they will help cut down on coupon fraud…….AWESOME….!

This is great news…! Now people the people who intentionally commit fraud will not ruin it for those of us who use coupons ethically!

This image shows some of the new data these barcodes will be able to verify for manufacturers.

New DataBar info

So with these new barcodes the manufacturers will be able to include a lot more information that can be verified when the coupon is scanned. So expiration dates, specific product info and amounts will all be able to be verified.

This will mean less fraud, as well as our coupons should have a lot less trouble scanning at the stores on the near future.

Most manufacturers have adopted this new technology at the first part of the year….however the grocery stores have to put in the POS systems to be able to scan them. Looks like Target and Walmart are already there with Kroger and many others being online shortly.

From what I understand though, in the mean time, they can still be scanned normally by the stores….just all the extra verification won’t happen until they get the system in place.

Let us know what you think of the new DataBar barcoding system?

Thanks My Litter for the heads up!