Fix Coupon Printing Issues

coupon printing issuesFix Coupon Printing Issues 2013

Coupon printing issues have you down?

As most people who like to use coupons know… is one of the best resources for printable grocery coupons each month. But….nothing is more frustrating than not being able to print you coupons!

Here are some tips to help you solve your coupon printing woes.

First…..most of the time the printing issues come about because of updates to our operating systems (OS) or browsers like FireFox or Internet Explorer.

Fix your printing issues: (update 2014)

Here are some more troubleshooting tips that may help you fix your printing issues. One is specifically built around Windows 8.

1) Windows 8 and Metro Mode

So coupons can not print from Windows 8 Metro Mode. So if you have pinned your browser to the home screen (the new home screen) and are launching your browser from there than coupons may not print. Navigate to your desktop (old view) and launch the browser from there.

Another thing to try, Chrome for example can be launched in Windows 8 mode or desktop mode. If you are launching the browser in Windows 8 mode that will cause issues. In Chrome, drop down your setting menu on the right hand side (top next to url bar) and one of the options will say either “launch in Windows 8 mode” or “launch in desktop mode”. If it says “launch in desktop mode” then you are in the Windows 8 metro mode and need to switch to desktop mode. Similar process with IE, look in settings and change to desktop or non metro mode.

A sign that you are in Metro mode is if your browser opens up in a full screen and not as a window (where you can see some of the desktop behind it)

2) Internet Explore 7 and Active X needs active x to be able to print the coupons. When installing the printer the active x module may get disabled. So you need to re-enable it to be able to print. Here is the information provides about this.

  1. 1. Please look for the ActiveX bar (also called the Windows Information Bar) which may appear across the top of the web page if you’re using Internet Explorer 7.
  2. The Windows Information Bar may show this message: “The previous webpage might require the following add-on: ‘Couponprinter.ocx’ from ‘Coupons Inc.”. Click here to allow it to run…”
  3. Click on the Windows Informtation Bar and select “Install ActiveX”. This will allow the Coupon Printer in Internet Explorer to print coupons.

Fix your printing issues: (update September 2012)

I’m hearing a lot recently from readers having issues again. This fix below seems to be helping a lot of them. The update below this from January 2012 still has a lot of viable solutions as well.

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