Surveys – Make Some Extra Cash!

Surveys – Make Some Extra Cash!

Good morning everyone! Thought I would share a guest post today from my very good friend Nicole over at Nicole’s Nickels on surveys and survey companies. Great way to earn a little extra cash!

Guest post by: Nicole from Nicole’s Nickels

Looking for a new way to earn some extra cash? You should consider doing online surveys. They are free to sign up for and you’ll be earning money in no time. I personally earn a couple hundred dollars month doing surveys in my spare time. You won’t get rich but every little bit helps and it doesn’t take much time at all!

I have been taking surveys for a couple of years now and only blog about the companies I am signed up with and haven’t had a problem with. Here are my top 5 survey tips:

1. Use a separate email address to sign up for them. I don’t get any spam in my surveys email account but I do get a lot of survey opportunities! This way, you’ll know when you log into that account what will be waiting for you and can do them at your leisure.

2. Keep track of the surveys you do and the requirements for redemption. Each survey company is different in how they handle redemption. Some give you points which you exchange for cash or prizes while others pay after each survey is completed. You should have a paypal account to receive money.

3. Understand you won’t qualify for every survey. Many surveys are looking for specific demographics and so after a series of questions you’ll get a message saying you don’t qualify. It happens to everyone. Some companies make you answer more questions than others before you’re disqualified. As you do more and more surveys, you’ll get a feel for which ones you do best with.

4. Refer friends and earn more! Most survey companies have referral programs. If you refer friends you’ll make more money. Try doing the surveys for a while and then send an email (with your referral link) telling your friends exactlt how much you’ve made so far.

5. Have fun! Taking surveys is supposed to be fun! Often you’ll receive a note or request at the end of a survey advising you qualified for a product test. These are my favorite. The company will send you a product (usually a full-size product that hasn’t been released yet) to try and report your opinions.

Here are 6 survey companies I recommend:

To read more about the survey companies I am signed up with, check out my blog, Nicole’s Nickels

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