Suave Coupon for a $1.00 Off and Sweepstakes!

Suave coupon for taking a family selfie

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Suave Coupon for a $1.00 Off and Family Selfie Sweepstakes!

How does a chance to win a $100 Walmart gift card, a phone camera lens and a photo book sound?!? Not only that, but by entering you will also get a $1.00 off Suave coupon! Also, there is a Rollback going on right now to stack the coupon with.  Sounds great, right? Entry is easy and fun….you just need to take a family selfie …or use a recent one you already have and show it off a bit! ….and with 48 winners who knows….you could be one of them!

Here are all the details! Of course, let us know if you win….would love to share with everyone :)

Suave Instagram Family Selfie Sweepstakes Details

To Enter: 

To enter into the Suave Sweepstakes simply snap a quick family selfie (or use one you have) and upload it to Instagram. You need to add the following three hashtags when you post it as well.

  •  #suavefamilyselfie
  • #LB2LB
  • #Walmart

Once you have your photo uploaded and tagged it on Instagram,  grab the link to your photo (instructions below). Then, head over and fill out this form on OfferPop. Just some basic info like your name and email (for the coupon) and a place to paste the link to your Instagram photo.

Sweepstakes Prize and Details:

The Suave sweepstakes will have 6 winners a week for 8 weeks. So 48 winners in all! The prize package you can win has an estimated value of $175…SWEET! You can enter weekly to increase your chances of winning too.

The prize consists of:

  • a phone camera lens
  • a $100 Walmart gift card
  • a photo book (you will get a $50 Walmart gift card to cover this)
  • Plus you get a $1.00 off coupon just for entering!

How to grab your Instagram Link:

You can grab your link either from your computer or your mobile device. To get your Instagram link via computer simply go to, log in, then find the link to your photo. It will be in the format of Let me know if you have trouble. Or, to grab it from your phone simply open the Instagram app, go to your profile and then find the family selfie photo. Click on it to open it, then scroll down to the bottom and click on the three dots on the far right (“…”). Then click on “Copy Share URL” in the box that pops up. That will get you your link.

Suave Coupon for a $1.00 Off and Walmart Rollback

Once you fill out the form and submit your Instagram photo link, then Suave will email you a $1.00 off coupon! The coupon may take up to 24 hours to get to you.

Right now Walmart has a Rollback going on the Suave Professionals shampoo and conditioner too for $2.50. So when you stack the coupon you will get you can get a really good deal. I know how you all like deals!

Let me know if you have any questions or troubles along the way and I’ll help.


  1. yani says

    wow! this looks like a great giveaway! is this open worldwide? Cause if yes i definitely have lots of photos to choose from as my entry :)

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