“Staycation” – Frugal Vacation Idea!

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The economy is tanking more and more everyday and families need to save money everywhere they can. When budgets are tight, vacations are not a priority.

Vacations are a time for families to reconnect and bond, a time for laughter and joy, and most importantly, a time for rest and relaxation.  So when vacations are overlooked, valuable family time is neglected.

Here’s a frugal idea… have a “Staycation”. Recently, my family and I (thanks to Coleman) had a “staycation” in the backyard!

Yep, that’s right… we pitched a tent , the Sundome 6, right in the back yard and went camping. The kids had a blast!!! Sandy and I definitely earned some “coolness points” with the kids for this “staycation”.

Erecting the Coleman tent

It's a family affair

The tent was very simple to put together! It only took 20 minutes and yes, I read the directions LOL!

The kids and I had no problems at all putting up this great tent. It sleeps 6, hence the name. The tent can even be partitioned so the wife and I can have our own space and the kids theirs. This tent is 10 foot by 12!

Coleman Sundome tent

Building tent

Dad hands over the reigns

Even our dog, L.G. (Little Girl), loved the tent. She had her very own doggie door!

The Extra High Queen air mattress with the 120V built-in pump was very, very cozy. I couldn’t believe how comfy it is.

We had our quad lantern with the 26 feet lighting range.  This lantern is really cool because each panel can be removed. If one person needs to venture away for the campsite, the rest of the gang still has light. This lantern has a 75 hour run time!

We also had our 75qt Extreme 5 wheeled cooler stocked with our favorite beverages plus we had our 2 gallon party stacker jugs filled with lemonade, per my son’s request, and water.

It was so nice gathering around the tent laughing and reminiscing about this and that. We told ghost stories, played cards by lantern light, made smores, ate junk food (we were on vacation so it doesn’t count, LOL!), and made hotdogs on a stick!

image Coleman Lantern and Cooler

Anah hanging out around the campfire!

Our family had a wonderful time sleeping in the back yard. What a great way to spend the Labor Day weekend!

Coupon Dad family

The Coupon Dad Family- Ready for Bed

Our equipment:
The Coleman Sundome 6 Tent – $149.99
Pros: Very roomy, easy assembly, vented cool air port (doggie door)
Cons: stakes very easy to bend (San Antonio has some rocky terrain)

Extra High QuickBed® Air Bed 120V Built-In Pump – Queen – $77.99
Pros: Very, Very comfortable
Cons: No rechargeable battery pack to inflate if without power

Quad Lantern – $69.99
Pros: very good lighting, removable plates
Cons: Take 8 “D” batteries – buy some that are rechargeable

Willow Creek Sleeping Bag – $34.99
Pros: Contoured headrest shape keeps head on bag and bag off face
Cons: None

75 Qt Wheeled Xtreme® 5 Cooler – $59.99
Pros: Keeps ice up to 5 days at temperatures up to 90°, Lid has four cup holders, Made with environmentally friendly Thermozone™ insulation, hold 110 cans
Cons: None

2 gallon Party Stacker Jug – $19.99
Pros: Removable spigot is simple to clean, Perfect for family functions, school parties, or luncheon, great to take to football games so you don’t have to buy expensive concession drinks.
Cons: lid is very hard to open, especially for the wife and kids (probably will get better with use)

Link to Products:

Coleman products

Coleman is a brand that you can depend on. Sure, it takes a little money to initially buy the camping equipment, but once you buy it, you will have it forever (and still A LOT cheaper than going somewhere for a vacation). In fact, my mom and dad still use the same camping equipment we used 25 years ago when I went camping as a kid.

So this fall when you just need to get away but don’t have the funds to do so, go into the garage and dig out your camping equipment and set up camp in the back yard.

We had a blast on our Labor Day Staycation!

* A free sample of this product was given to me for review purposes. This had no bearing on the review and all comments are my opinion and not that of the manufacturer’s.

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