Scotts Snap Spreader System Follow Up + Giveaway Reminder

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Scotts Snap Spreader System
Scotts Snap Spreader System Follow Up + Giveaway Reminder

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post introducing you all (or y’all LOL) to the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System. I’ve used the System now and wanted to follow up the first post with some more thoughts and some preliminary results!

First for some preliminary results……because no matter how easy to use and cool it is….if it doesn’t work than all that goes out the window.


So I used the Scotts Snap Pac Southern Weed & Feed for my first round. As you saw from my first post I really need some help in the weed area LOL.

So how did I choose this specific product you ask? That’s another cool thing about Scott’s (other than amazing products)…if you go to the website, you can enter in your zip code and they give you loads of information on what products are best for your area. They also give you times of year to use each product to achieve the best results! Cool huh. Oh….and they also have information for certain troubles… say if you are battling weeds like me.

So after putting down the Weed & Feed only about a week or so ago….I’m already seeing results. A lot of the weeds (crabgrass) is dying off and the grass is coming in thicker…WOOT But I didn’t expect anything less from a Scotts product. I’ve used them for a long time and always get great results. (my weed issue was caused by ripping up my yard planting some sizable trees, coupled with a drought and water restrictions which made it so the grass couldn’t recover last year)


So I listed a lot of the features in my last post that the Scott’s Snap Spreader System has but wanted to highlight a few that really stood out after use.

1) Pet & Kid friendly – this one is important as we have both and most days want to keep them around.

2) The EdgeGuard feature is easy to use and very helpful. Keeps the fertilizer on the lawn and off the sidewalk when at the edge of your lawn.

3) No adjustments, just snap in the bag and go. It manages the flow rate (spread rate maybe LOL), for you.

4) Clean up took literally seconds. The bag reseals itself and the spreader folds and tucks away very easily.

Overall Opinion

I have to say I am very impressed with the Scotts Snap Spreader System. Time is something I generally don’t have much of (like so many of us now-a-days) and anything that can make life easier is a huge plus in my book. Setting up, using, and clean up is a breeze with this system saving me a lot of time and headaches……and I get great Scott’s results as well. SWEET

Yep, using this system is a breeze….especially when you have your son do it LOL

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Giveaway Reminder Don’t forget to stop by our first Scotts Snap Spreader System post and enter to win a system of your own! Entry is easy and only takes a few seconds….plus chances are good!


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  1. Sunnie says

    Hey thats what kids are for, especially when they get older!  My oldest who is 8 got all excited earlier when I had her switch out the laundry, little does she know, her life just changed!

  2. Amanda Y. says

    I’ve always wondered whether putting grass seed down is environmentally good or bad…any thoughts?

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