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What is Score Big? ScoreBig Home Page is a brand new, members-only way to save on great tickets to your favorite sports, concert and theater events. With ScoreBig, members decide how much they want to pay for tickets and get an answer instantly.

The Benefits:

  • Every ticket is at least 10% to 70% below retail
  • ScoreBig members never pay fees or shipping charges (this is a savings in itself)
  • 100% ticket and satisfaction guarantee
  • More than 390,000 tickets available for concert, sporting events, and theater tickets
  • Premium events- not just the 0-15 teams, but the best teams, performers, and events
  • A variety of seating options- seats that celebrities demand to everything in between
  • Want to book an event months in advance, no problem… not just last minute tickets here!!
  • Oh yeah, membership is FREE!!!!

How does it work?

Tell you what, I love this ease in which this site works…..! Once you join (which is free) and become a member you can easily find events in your area that have available tickets. When I was in there checking it out I could still get tickets for an event that started a couple hours later (same day)…Nice. Once you find an event, then can choose the number of tickets you are looking for (choose from one to eight tickets) and then the type of seats you want. The options are laid out by stars, with 6 stars being the best seats to 1 stars being the ones you might want to bring binoculars along with you. What I really thought was cool is if you hover over the stars it will highlight on a map the area of the arena or event center the seats would be in….very nice. That way there is no doubt the the quality of seats you are making an offer on.

Your next step is the Golden Nugget for the site… make an offer….yes you offer what you want to pay. Much like Priceline….only this is cool because you get an answer immediately if your offer is accepted. I’m guessing the owners of the seats have a threshold they enter. If your offer is not accepted then sometimes you will get a counter offer to ponder over and accept if you like. If not, you can always make another offer on a different range of seats or event date. Or, as another option, if you really want that date and seat range then you can wait 24 hours and go back in and make another offer and try your luck for those same seats.

Another feature I think that makes stand out is that delivery is FREE…! The tickets will either be delivered by FedEx, electronically, or will be waiting at will call for you at your event.

The bad news: The bad news, there is a waiting list to become a member… after all it is a FREE membership.

The good news: ScoreBig is offering Coupon Dad readers priority access to the site via a unique Invite Link that lets my wonderful readers skip the waiting list and get instant access to the site. How cool is that?!?!

This has been a review by Coupon Dad.

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This post brought to you by ScoreBig. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. d says

    we had a very lousy experience and will never use scorebig again. We received an accepted bid of $129 for broadway show tickets and received a direct mailer from the theatre offering tickets for the same section in the theatre for $89 and the tickets we received from scorebig also had a price of $89 so we overpaid by $40 per ticket and the scorebig customer service reps would not do anything.

  2. says

    I ordered tickets and they were fake. I contacted a girl named lauren and she said she would get back with me.  She never did and ignores all emails and phone calls.  Rip off, Im contacting the attorney Generals office.

  3. Angmort says

    Scorebig is a scam. I got tickets to a baseball game. I payed $18, which they clamed was 40% off. Well they came with a face value of $14. Because they were season tickets. They say that they would be $27 plus tax at box office, but who cares. I could buy them for $10 on game day in the street. What a rip off.

  4. Jack says


    You’ve completely missed the the value of ScoreBig. Too many people/families have been priced out of the event market. ScoreBig puts the “casual” fan in seats that otherwise would likely have gone unsold.

    You’re right that you likely wouldn’t find Super Bowl tickets or Stanley Cup Finals tickets on a Friday night. Teams don’t need any help putting seats in butts for those games.

  5. Buildit61 says

    You must own the company or were paid a great deal to mimic the same lame sales pitch the site offers.

    SuperBowl weekend – NO option to buy tickets
    Big East – No Tickets!….but plenty of last place, Nets, Devils and Islanders!

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