Sara Lee Bread Coupon 2011

Sara Lee Bread coupon
Sara Lee Ironkids Bread Coupon 2011

What a great coupon for a totally GREAT bread coupon from Sara Lee!  – I know some of us don’t really like the taste of wheat so what do you do? Sara Lee has a GREAT solution! She has a few different varieties of wheat bread! Let’s see there is the Honey Wheat, 100% Wheat and of course the really good Soft & Smooth wheat..

Sara Lee Bread coupon

Today we have a GREAT $.55 printable coupon on any one! This is a Bricks managed coupon and will expire 30 days after print! Remember to print two!

Grab a bag of  bread by Sara Lee! All the important stuff is in there and the even the kids will have no idea they are actually eating something good for them…

Nothing like savings on the staples… This coupon will not last long so GRAB your EXTRA SAVINGS now!


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