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Auto Parts Warehouse Coupons March 2015

Save at Auto Parts Warehouse with great coupons, promo codes and dealsAuto Parts Warehouse Coupons March 2015

Are you a greasy monkey? If so, don’t forget your Auto Parts Warehouse coupons. They will save you a ton so you can have more money for… well parts.  One of these days the Mrs and I are gonna rebuilt that ’69 Camaro!

Auto Parts Warehouse Coupons and Deals

Make sure you head over and check out all of the other great auto coupons we have posted to help you save on your automotive needs.

Auto Parts Warehouse Free Shipping

Looking to save on the shipping costs for your Auto Parts Warehouse online purchase?  With shipping costs seemingly on the rise, any savings we can grab helps.  Thankfully, Auto Parts Warehouse has a great offer for free shipping!


Get free shipping on online orders of $50 or more.  Some exclusions do apply.  Enjoy the savings!

Military Discount

Auto Parts Warehouse has a special discount for all out men and women who have served our country. You can get 20% off your purchase up to $100 off!

For all the details head over to the link below.

Auto Parts Warehouse heroes program

Very cool!

Why We Love Auto Parts Warehouse

We love that Auto Parts Warehouse has a low price guarantee!  Nothing beats being able to know you’re getting the lowest price possible!  Did you know that Auto Parts Warehouse offers free auto repair advice?  How awesome is that?  They also have representatives online 24/7 to answer your questions through live chat!  Let’s just say that has come in handy several times for us!  We think you’ll love the low prices and other great money saving offers Auto Parts Warehouse has to offer too! Of course the Auto Parts Warehouse coupons are something we love as well lol.

Tire Rack Coupon Codes March 2015 – Save Big on Tires

Save on auto needs with these Tire Rack coupon codes and dealsTire Rack Coupon Codes March 2015

Tire Rack Shipping

Most of orders are shipped one to two business days. You can view estimated shipping charges when you select “Shipping Quote” in search results and enter your zip code when prompted at checkout. You can also order your item(s) and then select an installer and then have it shipped straight to the installer, then you just need to set up your appointment with your installer for the work.  We have more details on this in the ‘How to Save’ section below.

How To Save at Tire Rack

The best way to save is to visit us right here on Coupon Dad for the latest Tire Rack coupon codes, deals and rebate offers!

I wanted to mention the installers price pledge.  As I mentioned above you can order your item(s) and then select an installer to have your items shipped to and then have your work done there. You can check out the thousands of independent recommended installers in your area. All of these installers have taken the ‘price pledge’ and commit to the installation prices that you’ll find listed on! So, basically, what you see is what you’ll pay! How awesome is that?!

Military Discount

Right now there are no military discounts available. We’ll let you know if that changes though.

Our Thoughts on Tire Rack

We actually haven’t shopped at Tire Rack yet, but I’ll tell you, after just reading up on it, I don’t know that we’ll ever purchase tires from anywhere else! It has outstanding reviews! Here are just a few of the reviews we read on their site…you can view the full reviews through any of the links above.

“With no experience with tires and what to look for, the website was helpful and informative. — Christine, NJ”

“Tire Rack service and customer satisfaction have always been a 10-star rating with me. — Robert, OH “

“All-around outstanding. I wish all companies could be this good! — Robert, CT”

“This is one of the greatest automotive companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. — David, AZ”

WOW…those are some amazing comments! We’ll definitely be trying them out the next time we need tires for our car!

Have fun shopping and saving with these great Tire Rack coupon codes and deals.

Discount Tire Coupon Codes March 2015 – $70 Back!!

Save Big With Discount Tire coupon codesDiscount Tire Coupon Codes March 2015

My family and I have been using Discount Tire coupon codes for years. In fact, I was using Discount Tire coupons before there was internet!

Discount Tire Coupon Codes and Deals

Military members, click the link above to print your 10% off any installed purchase. Some exclusions may apply to this Discount Tire printable coupon.

Free Shipping at Discount Tire

So, don’t worry. You aren’t shopping for tires for them to show up at your house and… then what??  Oh no, no, no! You are shopping online to save yourself time and money. Your tires will be shipped directly to your nearest Discount Tire location. While you are ordering your tires, you can make an appointment for when you want to have your new tires place on your car! So there are no extra shipping cost related to your order!!

Discount Tire Locations

Discount Tire is the nation’s world’s largest tire and wheel retailer. There is bound to be a location near you!

Discount Tire locations

To find the nearest Discount Tire located to you, just click the link above and enter your zip code.

Extra Ways to Save

Of course, the best way to get all the greatest Discount Tire coupon codes is to visit here!! We update this site daily to ensure we have the most up-to-date coupons and deals. Also, Discount Tire offers tons of rebates. You can get your rebate form here too!

Military Discount

Discount Tire offers a 10% off discount on any installed purchase good at select locations. Be sure to ask at your local Discount. Wouldn’t want to miss out! Click the link above marked “MILITARY” to print your coupon!

Why We Love Discount Tire

Simply put, they have great prices and we love getting the prepaid gift cards for buying something we needed to buy to begin with. Now that our eldest daughter is an “adult” and responsible for purchasing her own tires, she patrons Discount Tires too.

One of the things we really love about Discount Tire is their very inexpensive “Road Hazard Warranty”!  This certificate offers a FREE tire replacement, with no additional charges, if your tire should become damaged. This warranty takes effect the moment your purchase the tire till the last mile of legal tread depth which is 3/32″. Now that my friends is what I call a warranty!!! My daughter recently took advantage of the warranty when she “hit a rock in the road” and flattened her tire. The tires were only four months old and her replacement cost was $0!!!

Sears Auto Coupons March 2015 – Get 10% off

Sears Auto coupons for services and online purchasesSears Auto Coupons March 2015

Take advantage of these Sears Auto coupons on your next purchase of tires, batteries, accessories and more.

Sears Auto Coupons and Deals!

Coupon: 40BUCKS
Get $40 off your $400 purchase of auto accessories or tires sold by Sears. Order through the link above and enter the Sears Auto coupon from the link above. Good through March 28, 2015.

Coupon: $19.99 Oil Change
Get a conventional oil change for $19.99. Just click the link above to print your Sear Auto coupon. Good through April 4, 2015!

Rebate: Michelin
Need some new tires? Stay safe and save while doing so. Get a $70 rebate when you purchase Michelin Tires at Sears!

Printable coupons: Sears Auto coupons
We have several new printable coupons for Sears Auto services for you!  Just click on the link above to print up your Sears Auto coupons.

Sears Auto Center Locations

Looking for the Sears Auto center location nearest to you?  Just click on the link below, and then you will be able to find the Sears Auto center most convenient to you.

Sears Auto Center locator

Click on the link above, and you will see the ‘Store locator’ button on the top left corner.  Just click on that and enter in your zip code or city and state and it will pull up all of the Sears Auto Center stores in your area.

How To Save At Sears Auto Centers

Are you looking to save on auto repairs or accessories? We have all of the latest Sears Auto coupons to help you save! We keep this page up to date with all of the latest coupons and deals, so make sure you bookmark this page so you can check back quickly for savings on your auto needs! You can also check out our Sears discount codes page for coupons on everything else Sears!

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our email and have the deals delivered straight to your inbox! The buttons to subscribe are at the top of our page! Thanks and enjoy watching all of the savings add up!

Military Discount

Sears Auto doesn’t have any advertised military discounts. However, Sears is a HUGE supporter of the military and have lots of programs for the military and their families. I would highly recommend bringing in your valid military ID and asking about a discount. You can read more about Sears military support to see all they’re doing to help those of you that serve and defend our country.

What We Love About Sears Auto

As I mentioned before, we use Sears Auto for our routine maintenance.  It’s a great deal especially with the coupons. My favorite coupon is the free tire rotation. Some places charge $25 for that service. There is just something awesome about saving $25 with a coupon.

But Sears Auto is more than just an oil change and tire rotation station. Of course, you can purchase new tires and wheels but Sears Auto also offers services on your brakes, steering and suspension services for things like cv shafts, ball joints, and tie rods (plus many more). They can also check and change your antifreeze for you. Sears can service your air conditioning. That is a very important one especially in places like here in South Texas.  And lastly, if you need a new car battery, check out Sears Auto.  Sears also sells many parts that you may need to keep you car running in tip top shape.

AutoZone Coupons March 2015 – Up to 25% Off!

AutoZone coupons to save you some money on your automotive needs! AutoZone Coupons March 2015 – Up to 25% Off!

Like working on your car? Use these AutoZone coupons to save on all your do-it-yourself auto projects. So are more of a classic car type or modern new? For me, I’ll take one of each please.

AutoZone Coupons and Deals

Save at AutoZone with the latest hot deals! Simply shop through the link above and enter your zip code to shop these money savings deals! Some exclusions may apply to AutoZone coupons and deals. These deals are available for a limited time only.

Working on a project that you don’t have the right tool for? You can rent a tool for all sorts of jobs like steering and suspension work, air conditioning jobs, engine repair and more! Just click the link above to rent your tool(s). You purchase your loan-a-tool from and when you’re done, you can either return it to a store near you or ship it back. Once the tool is received they’ll process a full refund for you.

Enjoy all of these great AutoZone coupons!

AutoZone Free Shipping

Are you ordering some auto parts online and looking to save on your shipping costs?  AutoZone has got you covered with their free shipping offer.

Get free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

AutoZone also offers Free shipping to APO/FPO/DPO Military Addresses!  I love that they support our military! Enjoy the savings!

AutoZone Locations

Do you need to run to AutoZone to pick up some parts?  Not sure where the closest store is near you? With AutoZone stores all across the country, I bet there is one in your area for you to score your auto parts at!

AutoZone store locator

Just click on the link above, then enter your city and state, or your zip code, click the ‘submit’ button and all of the stores in your area will pop up!

How To Save at AutoZone

The best way to save at AutoZone is to check for the latest promo codes and deals right here on Coupon Dad! Make sure you bookmark this page so you can check back quickly before you shop!

Military Discount

AutoZone offers a 5% to 10% military discount to all active and retired military members. However, this discount does not apply on all items. Some items are not eligible for the discount and participation may vary by location.

In case you missed it above…AutoZone offers FREE SHIPPING to all APO/FPO/DPO military addresses!

What We Love About AutoZone

Whenever we need to pick up a battery or grab new windshield wipers, we head to AutoZone.  They are helpful in answering our questions, and guiding us to the right parts.  One of favorite things, is that they  have several different charitable programs to give back to the community, and United Way is just one of the many different organizations they are committed to helping!  Can’t beat knowing that when you’re purchasing something, and getting great prices, some of that money is also going towards helping others. Have fun working on your car and enjoy the savings with all the great AutoZone coupons above!