Remington iLIGHT Hair Removal System – Gift Idea

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Remington iLight Pro hair removal system

Remington iLIGHT Hair Removal System – Gift Idea

Sandy, my wife, has been stating for many years how she would love to have some laser hair removal treatments one day…. But like many of you, Sandy would never spend that amount of money for something cosmetic… It just isn’t her style. She has such dark hair and fair skin that she just can’t get away with out shaving for even one day.  I know there are many more women and men out there like Sandy who would love to have laser hair removal but without the cost… Remington has found an answer. Enter the Remington i-Light Pro Hair Removal System.

How does it work?

Well, doctors have been using light-based hair removal technology safely for over 15 years. i-LIGHT Pro is a revolutionary light-based device that has been clinically-proven and FDA cleared for the removal of unwanted body hair at home. i-LIGHT Pro uses similar Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that dermatologists use, providing you with professional-quality results in the privacy and comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle. The best part according to Remington, unlike all other home hair removal systems, the iLIGHT Pro does not cut, burn, or pull out hair, but instead works below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs and prevent new ones from growing.

The features:

  • At-home professional hair removal for a fraction of the cost of in-office visits
  • FDA cleared and clinically proven Proprietary ProPulse technology delivers results that last 6 months
  •  Faster treatment times with the quickest flash rate and no downtime for recharging
  • Other features include: built-in skin tone sensor, skin contact sensors, five energy levels and corded operation

The cost:

Okay, $249.99 is the list price (but see the Amazon price below and coupon!) And I know that is a bit pricey but think about the cost difference. First, this is WAY cheaper that going to a medical facility to get hair removal treatment, you won’t have to spend as much on shaving equipement, or money on fuel going back and forth for treatments. You get your treatments in the privacy of your own home. Besides, what better gift to give someone than something you know they really want but would never purchase for themselves.

How do I get one:

Well, that’s the easy part… just go here Remington iLIGHT – right now they are only $229.99 on Amazon and there is a $40 off coupon on top of that!

Not sure how long the coupon will be available so make sure to go now!

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