Personalized Phone Case 2012 from Canvas People

Personalized Phone Case from Canvas People plus free shipping

Personalized Phone Case 2012 from Canvas People

We have a great gift idea for you all this afternoon.  Right now Canvas People is offering Personalized Photo Cases discounted for only $29.95 plus FREE shipping!   These would be a perfect gift for friends or family..nothing better to brighten someone’s day with a funny picture of yourself.  These Phone Cases are available for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy III.

Phone Case

Just click on the link above and it will take you right over to Canvas People where you can get started designing your Personalized Phone Case!  This is a limited time offer, so make sure you grab this great deal while you can!  I think I’ll give one of these phone cases to each of my kids so they’re always reminded that I’m watching them!  LOL!

Personalized Phone Cover Case from Canvas People includes Free Shipping

Have fun creating your phone cases!

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