50% Off Papa John’s Promo Codes 2015

Papa John's pizza promo codes and deals for 50% off.

Papa John’s Promo Codes 2015

Pizza sounds really good doesn’t it? I guess when doesn’t it…!! So when you head online to order your pizza make sure to check here for the latest Papa John’s promo codes and save yourself some money. We have a huge list of codes that are keep up to date…but if you find one I’m missing let me know and I’ll get it added. Enjoy!

Papa John’s Promo Codes and Coupons

Look through the Papa John’s promo codes below and use the one that saves you the most on your order. Then enter the code at checkout…simple! Not all codes may work in all areas.

Order Link: Papa John’s online ordering

T825LG – code for a large two-topping pizza for only $10! (Code good through 8/28).

F828LGC – code for a large 3 topping pizza and 10 inch cheese sticks for only $12.99! (Good through 8/31).

ROCK12 – Get a large 2 topping pizza and a 2 liter for only $12 with this Papa John’s promo code.

GIVEME50 – Code for 50% off all large and XL pizzas every Monday! (Good for a limited time).

10EWMB – Coupon for a large 3 topping pizza for $10 Monday through Wednesday, carryout or delivery.

JB25 – Papa John’s code for 25% off your order.

P5LG2 – Code to get a large two topping pizza for $10.

WEBBOGO – Promo code for a buy one, get on free on large or extra large pizzas.

PEPSI25 – Coupon for 25% off your entire online order.

PENSKE25 – Get 25% off your entire order at PapaJohns.com.

PNC25 – Get 25% off your online order with this Papa John’s code.

3LRG1799 – Get three large, one topping Papa John’s pizzas for $17.99 with this promo code.

TRAC50 – Papa John’s promo codes for a large pizza for $9.99.

ANY11 – Promo code to get Large pizza up to 11 toppings or specialty for $11.

VISA25 – This Papa John’s promo code gets you 25% off your regular priced items when paying with your VISA card.

TWEETPAPA – Code for 50% off entire online order at select locations.

ALL12 – Papa John’s promo code for any large pizza for $12 (ongoing).

POST3M – This code gets you any 3 medium pizzas with 3 toppings for $21.

POST2L – Code for a large one topping and 2 liter for only $10.

3T10 – Papa John’s coupon for a large pizza, up to 3 toppings for $10.

AARP25 – Promo code for 25% off your regular priced order.

SAVE25 – Coupon for 25% off your order.

25SAVE – Papa John’s promo codes for 25% off order.

AMEX25 – Code for 25% off order when paying with AMEX.

M505CCC – Coupon for a 8 inch mega chocolate chip cookie for $5.

P4ANN – New Papa John’s promo codes for one pizza at regular price, second for $.30.

COOK5 – Get a Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie for only $5. (Good through 10/1).

PAPAPOOL – Get 2 large, 3 topping pizzas, any dessert, and a 2 liter for only $25. May not be good in all locations. (Good through 8/23).

Sports Teams Papa John’s Promo Codes

SPURS50 – Get 50% off your order the day of San Antonio Spurs games.

TXGAMEDAY – 50% off on game day (college football) in Texas.

RANGERS7 – Coupon for 50% off your order when Rangers score 7+ runs. Good next day.

WIZ50 – Promo code for 50% off when Wizards score 100 points. Good next day.

CARDSWIN – 50% off order, the next day after a Cardinals win.

PHILLIES5 – Papa John’s promo codes for 50% off the next day after Phillies win with 5+ runs.

SCORPIONS50 – Code to get 50% off your order on San Antonio Scorpions game days!

BLUES3 – Get 50% off your entire pizza order in St Louis when the Blues score 3 or more goals!

Location Specific Papa John’s Promo Codes

PJDOUBLEPLAY – Texas locations only. Get a large 3 topping or specialty and cheese sticks or a dessert for $16.

UMOM – Get 40% off your online order in most Arizona locations.

WALLACE50 – Get 50% off order in Cleveland Ohio area.

TMT14RA3 – New Hampshire / Maine only. Coupon for a large specialty for only $12.

Let us know of any Papa John’s promo codes we don’t have listed and we will get them added!

* Some exclusions will apply. Not all promo codes work in every location. We try and list only valid codes but not all codes will work all the time.

Papa John’s Military Discount

Some Papa John’s locations do offer a military discount with valid military id so make sure to ask! Typical discount given is 10% off.

Papa John’s Store Locations

Looking for a local Papa John’s pizza store in your area? No problem! Find the nearest Papa John’s to you through the link below. There are over 3,200 Papa John’s locations in the US, so there is sure to be one nearby.

Papa John’s Pizza Store locator

The easiest way to search is by your zip code, but if you are looking for a delivery it would be best to put in your entire address. That way you know you  get the Papa John’s location that delivers to you. It isn’t always the closest one lol.

More Ways To Save at Papa John’s

Another way to save at Papa John’s is to join the PapaRewards program and earn points that you can cash in to get FREE pizzas! SWEET.

Papa John’s Rewards

You earn points every time you place your order online! Once you join the Rewards program, watch for special coupon codes we post that will get you free pizzas or sides for reduced points!

What We Love About Papa John’s

What is there not to love about pizza?

Papa John’s is one of our go to pizza places when we want a delivery. I love that they give you pepperoncino’s and garlic dipping sauce for your crust. We usually have a great experience with the locations we have tried. Each Papa John’s location is a franchise though so things can vary, but they seem to have good procedures in place to make sure product is consistent across them all. Better ingredients, better pizza and now thanks to our codes, better prices!

So grab your favorite pizza tonight and make sure to use one of the Papa John’s promo codes above and save!


  1. art says

    Note that in 2015 the PHILLIES code is valid the day after ANY Phillies victory. They don’t need to score 5 or more runs and win – but just win. Which makes sense given how bad the team is expected to be (and has been so far) this year.

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