Smart Source Coupons – Letter to Retailers

Recently Henri Lellouche – Senior Vice President at Smart Source Online released a letter for consumers to use when questioned about the legitimacy of their Smart Source coupons.

The letter goes into small details on how to tell if a coupon printed from Smart Source is legit and reasons why the retailer should be honoring these coupons.

Now I have never personally run into this issue but have heard stories from others where they were given a hard time by some store managers about their coupons being legit. While this is not very common it can happen.

I haven’t talked about Coupon Binders yet (will post soon), this kind of letter is a good thing to print off and keep on your coupon binder. Other helpful information to have is the retailers coupon policy in case you run into any issues.

Below you will find links to this letter as well as links to some popular stores coupon policies (if you are looking for one in particular let me know and I will see if I can hunt it down for you)

Smart Source Letter




Real Men don’t use Coupons…….right?

This is an article that I wrote a few months back as a guest post on
Thought it would be a good way to kick things off here….

Real Men don’t use Coupons…….right?

Come on we’re MEN right, we don’t use Coupons……We drink beer out of the bottle not those fruity drinks with the umbrella’s! We watch action packed, blood and guts movies…..not those mushy “chick flicks”. We DON’T use Coupons…we pay FULL price….oh, wait?

Makes you stop and think doesn’t it. I know for most of us it is an ego blow or a pride squasher to use those little pieces of paper. We want people to think we are successful and don’t need to worry about saving $.50 cents. We would rather live above our means and run up our credit card balances. But hey, we have lots of “cool” stuff. Alright, you ready for my million dollar advice….


Ok, I know most of us are stubborn cusses and just saying get over it isn’t going to make us change our minds. So here is a list of reasons  and ideas that should help:

1) It’s FREE money……..yes Coupons are free and they save you money.

2) In today’s economy Coupon use has doubled and I for one believe that using coupons is not associated with “poor” people, but rather “smart and fiscally responsible” people.

3) They are abundant and easy to find. Look in your Sunday newspaper or print them online from sites like:

Coupon Dad –

Coupon Cabin –

A Full Cup –

4) When gas prices soared in mid 2008 many grocery manufacturers took price increases to off set the higher costs. Yet as gas prices have come back down none of these manufacturers have reduced their prices. The Coupons they issue are one way for us consumers to recoup our money from these higher prices. I mean why let them enjoy bigger profits at our expense?

5) Remember those credit cards we’ve all jacked the balance up on……use the money you save with the coupons to increase your payments and get out from under all that debt.

Hey, we are not talking about saving just $.50 here. About 9 months ago Coupon Dad’s family started collecting and using coupons. Now today our family saves an average of $500 – $700 a month (family of 6 – original was around $1200 – $1400) or 50% off our grocery bill. Now that’s not chump change.

Getting started…..

So I thought I would take a moment and share my thoughts on the direction this blog may go.

Being the “Coupon Dad” and my passion to help people save money…. will lead to favorite topics like Hot Deals, Giveaways, money saving ideas and tips…..and of course Coupons! Being a father and husband first, I’d thought I would also share my experiences and stories of raising a family and some lessons my children have taught me as well. Mix that with random thoughts and other passions of mine and hopefully we can help a lot of people save money and have a little fun along the way!

Please feel free to add comments, give feedback and ask questions. While we might not always agree I ask that we do be respectful of each others opinions and thoughts.

Thanks and Welcome!

Coupon Dad – The Introduction

Welcome to Coupon Dad Exposed – the blog!

I figured for the first post I would tell everyone a little about myself and my family.

Since January of this year (2009) I have been known in the blogging world  as Coupon Dad, but I do sometimes respond to the name Zack as well!  I am married to a wonderful woman and we have 4 beautiful children and 3 dogs (and if my oldest gets her way….soon 1 cat). Here’s the breakdown:

Wife – Sandy

14 year old – Destiny

10 year old – Ethan

9 year old – Amber

7 year old – Anah

Dogs are Daisy, Maggie and LG (little girl). Daisy and Maggie are Australian Terriers and LG is a Pomeranian and Australian Terrier mix (can you guess what the neighbor’s dog is?)

For those of you keeping count, yes my son and I are definitely outnumbered. So I think for the cat I’ll put my foot down………..and then realize how pointless that was…… and end up with a cat of the female variety as well. But I’m not complaining……my son might though. Even though I’m sure he has enjoyed always having his own room!