Organizing Your Coupons

How to Keep Your Coupons and Yourself Organized – What I Use and Recommend!


I learned really quick when I started couponing that organization is a must. I remember standing in front of the yogurt section at my local grocery store flipping through mounds of coupons. I just knew I had a great Yoplait coupon and they were on sale! Literally 20 minutes later I was still searching…..when all of a sudden it was raining coupons! Normally raining coupons would be pretty cool right? That is until I noticed someone accidentally bumped into my cart and knocked over my little box stuffed with coupons. (my kids thought this was hilarous!!!…..that is until they found out who would be picking them up….ha)

So that’s when I decided that if I wanted to be a “Coupon ummmm…..King” then I had to at least start looking like one.

Enter into my life the “Coupon Binder”! No better way to keep your coupons and shopping trips organized in my opinion. Over the past couple of years I have tried out a few options from buying and building my own to my current favorite the Coupon Organizer Pro. COP_Girl

My first binder that I built myself by time it was all said and done cost me about $38 and was not very happy with the quality of the binder. Needless to say it did not last as long as I like before it started falling apart. So I started looking for new options…..when out of the blue I stumbled into the Coupon Organizer Pro. Now this is my binder of choice because of the quality and the price was a ton better than the one I built.

The COP as I call it has everything I look for in a coupon binder.

– Durable

– Can hold a lot of coupons and organize them

– Places for scissors, calculator, pen, paper etc…

– Place to hold rebates, Extra Care Bucks, Register Rewards etc…

– Place to put current ads

– Zips closed so nothing falls out

– Reasonably priced

The COP has all of these things with a price of $24.99 for a Deluxe kit that includes everything you need to get started!

Even better yet though! The nice people over at the Coupon Organizer Pro have offered the readers of Coupon Dad a coupon!

Just enter coupon code: CPNDAD at check out and you can save $2.00 off any purchase of $24.00 or more! Makes the Coupon Pro only $22.99!

Right now the Coupon Organizer Pro comes in two colors (Pink and Lavender). Even though I am very secure in my manhood (I have the pink one LOL) for you  guys out there I hear a more “manly” color should be available soon.


  1. Aprocky says

    LOVE THIS AND WANT THIS>>>>>just started to really use coupons and really need this I like the black so my hubby can use too!!!

  2. Grovercleveland62 says

    When I went to order it was $33.95 not $22.95 and I couldn’t find pink. I really want pink its for a gift, can You help me?

  3. Grovercleveland62 says

    When I went to order it was $33.95 not $22.95 and I couldn’t find pink. I really want pink its for a gift, can You help me?

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