Olay Smooth Skin Facial Hair Removal Duo

Olay hair removal kit

Olay Smooth Skin Facial Hair Removal Duo

Hi everyone, it’s me, Sandy, a.k.a. Mrs Coupon Dad.

I came across this product and I thought I would share it with you.  As many of you know, for the past several months I have been under the weather recovering from surgeries while anticipating up coming procedures. The worse part of the whole ordeal is not being able to drive… it is driving me insane. With that being said, I have to rely on Zack to take me places or if I am REALLY desperate, I will have our 17 year old take me where ever I need to go. Not cool, you all know how patient men can be!

Needless to say, my beauty routine is awry and well let’s just say, if I don’t get something done with my eyebrows, it looks like two squirrels made a home on my forehead. Not a pretty sight. So on a trip to Costco, I saw the Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo Kit and thought I would give it a try. If it worked, I could save a lot of money because the cost of 1 duo is equivalent to one trip to the waxing station… if you know what I mean. Plus, the Olay Duo can be used many times… the packaging says 12 upper lip treatments.

So I got home, the instructions were simple, and I have to say… I am really impressed! This product really works.  I will also tell you that I have really sensitive skin and I normally have my eyebrows threaded because the wax usually breaks me out but my skin was very smooth and hair free! It only took about 10 minutes from start to finish. I think this product is packaged for the upper lip but it I used it on my lips, eyebrows, pretty much my whole face!  Hey, not all Irish have blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. I am the complete opposite of all that.

I am not getting paid for this. I just thought I would pass on a beauty saving tip to the Coupon Dad readers because it is all about saving money right?

On Amazon, you can get the Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo for only $20.31. But if you do the Subscribe and Save, you can get the Duo for only $19.29 and you get FREE shipping.  This product is normally, $29.99. Remember, you can stop the Subscribe and Save after the first shipment. There is no contract, just savings.

Also, there is a rebate. If you spent $50 in P & G products, you get a $15 rebate. See Rebate details here.



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