My Pix 2 Canvas Review

My Pix 2 Canvas review on photos canvases

My Pix 2 Canvas – Review

UPDATE – this post was written in August of 2013 and at the time of the review, My Pix 2 Canvas was a good company. Recently, they have cut ties with their affiliates and as you can see from the  comments below, people are having a difficult time getting their orders. Unfortunately, since this review was posted, we can’t take it down, but we can certainly let people know that changes have happened and not for the good.

Recently I was asked to do a My Pix 2 Canvas review. I quickly agreed. As many of you loyal readers know, Mrs. Coupon Dad is a shutterbug and she loves taking photos and turning those photos into art for our home. Several years ago, she took individual photos of the kids, had them put on canvas, and displayed them in our dining room as sort of a center piece. Well, my grandmother was here for my oldest daughter’s graduation and  Mrs. Coupon Dad made the comment, ” I really need to update those pictures because the kids do not look like that anymore”. Well, my grandmother, who we all love and affectionately call Ma, decided to help us with updating said photos. The next thing I know she has my grandpa taking the photos off of the wall and loading them in the car leaving us with very bare wall. Of course, we love Ma and Pa so much and  they  could take the whole house if they wanted it.  So being asked to do the review couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Mrs. Coupon Dad took the kids to our local park called the Japanese Tea Garden for a “photo shoot”. The girls loved doing a photo shoot. As always, I think she did a lovely job capturing the kid’s personalities. They had a blast and it was a great fun, family time together.

Once home, she and I sat down to upload our photos to My Pix 2 Canvas. Mrs. Coupon Dad was worried about the ease of use for the site.  She is self proclaimed “technically challenged”. However, we both found the site very easy with step by step directions.  You can choose a custom size or the standard sizes of 8 x 10 to 40 x 60 and everything in between. We chose the 16 x 20.  You can also choose the depth of your canvas. You can either choose the .75 inces or the 1.5 inches. We think the 1.5 looks professional, so that was our pick. Next, you choose your wrap, or how the sides of your canvas will look. Because our photos were portriats, we decided to do a color for the sides. We chose black since we wanted the photos to be black and white anyway.  If you aren’t an expert in Photoshop, no worries because My Pix 2 Canvas will do the editing for you like removing the red eye or they can even do major photo restorations.  Also, for an additional charge, you can get the fancy paper backing and wire hanger. However, we chose the free option. The open back with saw-toothed hanger.

So uploading and choosing options was very easy and pain free. No problems at all.

In no time at all the UPS man came knocking at the door with 4 beautifully packaged canvases in hand. This is the final result.

My Pix 2 Canvas photo canvas

The photos look fantastic. The black and white canvases look great on our newly painted gray walls. They are truly works of art! We are both very proud of how they turned out.  The quality is wonderful.

If I had to give some suggestions to My Pix 2 Canvas, I would say it would be nice to have the saw-toothed hanger all ready installed. I was very scared I was going to ruin the canvas while hammering in the hanger. Mrs. Coupon Dad’s suggestion was to have more options for color effects other than black and white such as sepia or retro. We saw on the home page that sepia was offered but we only saw a choice for black and white. Which was fine because that’s what we wanted but more choices are always good.

The canvases are such high quality and are really are beautiful.  We are really pleased with how wonderful they are and we have gotten so many compliments on them.

Don’t forget to check out our My Pix 2 Canvas page to get the latest coupons and codes. Currently you can get 50% off photo canvases with our code!!!

So what are you waiting for? Are you still nervous about the quality? Don’t fear. My Pix 2 Canvas  prides themselves in going beyond their customers‘ expectations to ensure they are completely satisfied with their canvases. If you are not, just give them a call and they will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied with your canvas. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


  1. Wendy says

    I must say this is the WORSE place I’ve EVER dealt with when on their chat nobody says anything back. I bought a groupon for $15 with free shipping, but mypix2 still charged me $70+ & I can’t get anyone to respond to a email or the chat it just keeps saying Just a moment… well its been almost 2 hrs to me that seems more then just a moment. I’m getting real mad, there is NO phone # just to talk to someone… I would STAY away from them & dont wast time or $$

  2. Sandy a.k.a. Mrs. Coupon Dad says

    So glad you got your canvas and they made this right for you. I know my canvases are beautiful. Fingers crossed they do it for everyone else!

  3. John says

    Our orders finally shipped. One 11-14 took 6 weeks from early December but finally made it. Both gift recipients agreed the canvases are beautifully, just slow. In the meantime we received a very apologetic email along with two gift certificates and upgraded Shipping. I’m willing to give them another shot.

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