Minute Maid Coupons on Juice Boxes 2012

Minute Maid juice box printable coupons for $.75 off

Minute Maid Coupons on Juice Boxes 2012

LOVE when these Minute Maid coupons come out…..! Definitely will be stocking up on some of these to send with the kids in their lunches.

This Minute Maid coupon is good for a $.75 off any one package of Minute Maid juice boxes (10pk).

Minute Maid printable coupons

The link will take you directly to the coupon as long as it is still available. These normally go quick as they are VERY popular. So print right away.

You can print this Minute Maid coupon twice……and it looks like we may get 6 weeks from print on this one before it expires.

Great place to use this Minute Maid coupon:

I don’t see these on sale at any of the National chains this week. So you may want to hold onto them……..but the best price on these are usually Walmart and Target that carry them for about $2.98 each.

With the $.75 off coupon that will get the for you around $1.24…..great deal! These go on sale often though….so may want to hold them for a week or two.

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