List of Free Antiobiotics Programs at Grocery Store Pharmacies


Free Antibiotics at Many Grocery Chains Across the Country!

With the heavy flu season and the economy still being a little shaky a lot of grocery store pharmacies are offering Free Antibiotics this season!

Here is a list of programs that I found over at Sample Life. Hopefully your local grocery store is participating and you can get a break from prescription costs!

I’ll add to the list if any new grocery stores join in the excitement.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle® is committed to making health care more affordable, saving you money, and helping to improve your health and well-being — so we’re introducing a FREE antibiotics program, just in time for the back-to-school season!


Meijer Pharmacy – Click on “Free Antibiotics” Tab – The program covers leading, oral generic antibiotics with a special focus on the prescriptions most often filled for children.

Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop – As part of our health and wellness initiative, and to help you cope with rising healthcare costs, we’re offering select free antibiotics.


Schnucks Pharmacies – Our Free Prescription Drug Program for Generic Oral Antibiotics includes up to a 21-day supply, as well as prescribed refills.


Publix Pharmacy – is offering a FREE prescription drug program for certain oral antibiotics, regardless of the customer’s prescription insurance provider.


Wegmans – has become the latest supermarket to offer customers free generic antibiotic prescriptions during the winter cold and flu season.

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