Kashi Coupons for Steam Meals 2012

kashi coupons
Kashi Coupons for Steam Meals 2012

What a new concept! A meal in a bag – when did they come up with this wonderful idea? LOL

Blame it on the coffee.. Actually these look good and I am ready to try one. The deal for the coupon is happening on FACEBOOK… Grab a $1.00 off coupon for “LIKING” the Kashi page and then head to the store and get your dinner dude.

Kashi Coupons on the new Steam Meals

All you have to do is like the coupon – you do not have to share.. Unless you are in a sharing kind of mood. You can print two of these and they have a great 30 day expiration date!

Enjoy !

Best Place to us this Kashi Coupon :

If you find a sale at your local grocery store let us all know! I was looking around and didn’t see anything going on at the moment. Thanks for the comments guys!




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