Coupon Dad – The Introduction

Welcome to Coupon Dad Exposed – the blog!

I figured for the first post I would tell everyone a little about myself and my family.

Since January of this year (2009) I have been known in the blogging world  as Coupon Dad, but I do sometimes respond to the name Zack as well!  I am married to a wonderful woman and we have 4 beautiful children and 3 dogs (and if my oldest gets her way….soon 1 cat). Here’s the breakdown:

Wife – Sandy

14 year old – Destiny

10 year old – Ethan

9 year old – Amber

7 year old – Anah

Dogs are Daisy, Maggie and LG (little girl). Daisy and Maggie are Australian Terriers and LG is a Pomeranian and Australian Terrier mix (can you guess what the neighbor’s dog is?)

For those of you keeping count, yes my son and I are definitely outnumbered. So I think for the cat I’ll put my foot down………..and then realize how pointless that was…… and end up with a cat of the female variety as well. But I’m not complaining……my son might though. Even though I’m sure he has enjoyed always having his own room!

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