iHome Audio iA17 Alarm Clock / Radio Stereo System

Name of Product:

iHome Audio: iA17 Color Changing Alarm Clock / Radio Stereo System

Short Description:

iHome Audio iA17

The iHome Audio iA17 is a great alarm clock / radio speaker system for any iPod or iPhone. The iA17 has Glow Tunes color changing technology where the base can glow one of 5 different colors, change color randomly or even pulse colors with the sound of the music.

The iA17 is App enhanced so it will work with many of the iHome based apps so you can change some features right from you iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Also is a universal charging dock for you iPhone or iPods so they can be charging at the same time you are listening to your music.

Review / Opinions:

The iA17 from iHome Audio would make a great gift for anyone on your list this year. The color changing base is especially unique and eye catching. All of my kids really love that feature and that they can change the color to match their decor or personality.

They also like that when the alarm goes off they can awake to their favorite tunes and think the “wake to light” feature is cool too.

As with all iHome Audio products the sound from the iA17 is amazing. I like how the footprint of this model is a little smaller than some of the other iHome alarm clock / radio products so it will fit well on some smaller nightstands.

Link to Product Site:

iHome Audio website

Where You Can Purchase:

iHome iA17 Stereo System – on Amazon

Price of Product:

$99.95 – most places


* A free sample of this product was given to me for review purposes. This had no bearing on the review and all comments are my opinion and not that of the manufacturer’s.

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