HP Discounts – EPP Pricing For Coupon Dad Readers!

HP discount program for EPP pricing for Coupon Dad readers.
HP Discounts – EPP Pricing For Coupon Dad Readers!

I have teamed up with HP to get you an exclusive discount on all HP products including ink, printers, computers, tablets, calculators…you name it…! Best part is you can stack these HP discounts with any current HP coupons, instant rebates and sales. SWEET right!?!

HP Discounts with my program!

  • Get 15% off ink, toner and printing accessories.
  • Get up to 20% off computers, printers, tablets, calculators and more!
  • Get FREE overnight shipping on ink, toner and printing accessories.
  • Free standard shipping on all purchases.

All of the program savings above can be stacked with eligible coupons, instant rebates, sales or promotions. So the savings can really add up You won’t find a better deal anywhere else on HP products! Best part is anyone can sign up…..even businesses. So spread the word with all your friends, families and colleagues!

* HP now has new economy ink options as well. Search “economy” once you are signed in to see what is available!!

HP Ink Discount program

To sign up for my discount program with HP, just click on the link below.! Once you are signed up you will always get my discount as long as you sign in with the account info you will create. Have fun shopping and savings with these HP discounts and stackable coupons!


Once registered you should see a discount immediately once you add an item to your cart. That means the price is the discounted amount. If you don’t see the discount, log out and log back in. You should also see a little yellow tag that says “EPP”. That lets you know you are signed in correctly and getting the reduced pricing.

If you need assistance you can always call and speak with the call center and they can help you with your purchase. Just mention you are with the Coupon Dad EPP program (hpsb1120). If you have any trouble always feel free to reach out to me as well!


If you’re looking for a computer or printer, they can also help you find the HP computer or printer that would fit your needs the best!  So, not only can you get the discounted pricing, but you can also get a free consultation on other HP product needs!

HP Coupons to use with the EPP Program

We have two dedicated pages on our site where we post all the latest HP coupons and codes. The first page is for HP ink, toner and accessories coupons. The second page we highlight the latest HP coupons on computers, printers, tablets, calculators, etc.

HP Ink coupons

HP codes for computers, printers, etc.

You will find standard HP coupons, rebates and deals as well as the EPP discount eligible coupons, rebates and promotions. So make sure to bookmark these pages after you get signed up for the program!


HP Coupons Email Notification: Would you like to know as soon as the newest HP coupons are here? Simply send me your email address in the form below and I will add you to the list for my notification email..! Rest assured this information comes to me and no one else. This is a free service I offer to my wonderful readers….(that’s you)