HOT 50% Off SALE 2012

tshirt sale
HOT 50% Off SALE  2012

Your Name University is having an AWESOME sale on ALL their shirts – save 50% on everything…..WOOT…!!

With the economy down the way it is this is a GREAT way to grab some great shirts and help out a small business owner too! These are great people and they need our help….so let’s show them our support.

You name it and they can print it! These guys are known for their personalized touch that just keep people coming back for more. So don’t let these deals pass you by because when they are gone, well they are gone!

Your Name University Sale

You do not need a coupon or a code, for the 50 % off, it comes off automatically. This sale is good through February 5th 2012 or until 40,000 are sold… That sounds like a lot but if you think about it – umm it really isn’t so get yours now!

There are 15 different styles to choose from so talk about options – these go from kids to adults sizes so they have something for everyone. Don’t forget Valentine’s day is right around the corner…

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