Hot Amazon Deal on New Kindles – 2011

Amazon Kindle Deal
Hot Amazon Deal on New Kindles – 2011

What a great time to order your new Kindle! Amazon prices for the most famous Kindle, two new Touch Kindles and the brand new Kindle Fire are out of this world!

Seeing Christmas is just around the corner,( for real only 87 days left till the big day) now would be the perfect time to mark some items off the list… Great if you have a birthday coming up also… or even if you have been waiting around for the best price!

Not only is the Kindle a hot item to have, in my opinion the new Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire are going to be the hottest item on the shelves this Christmas.. Not only can you do all your web browsing there are many apps and games to enjoy! Plus you can watch movies, t.v. shows, listen to your favorite songs and read all your books on an extra wide touch screen! Pre-order yours now for the arrival date of November 15th. I really think these will sell out fast so grab them while you can.

Kindles – Great New Price and Options

The price of the Kindle is $79.00. The Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G start at $99.00 and the newest bundle of joy the Kindle Fire is an amazing price of $199.00.

So for the loved ones in your life now is the time to surprise them with one of the best and up to date gifts ever!

Enjoy the savings and when your new Kindle comes in – just remember who is looking out for the very best deals online, in-store and the most awesomest (word…? well I like it LOL) coupons ever just for you….. Coupon Dad of course!

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