Hartz Nodor Cat Litter Spray Coupon

Hartz Coupon

Hartz Nodor Cat Litter Spray Coupon

Here kitty kitty… :) For all my cat lovers out there here is wonderful way of getting rid of that litter box odor! Hartz now has a product that eliminates litter odor!

Save $1.00 printable coupon on any one bottle of Hartz Nodor Cat Litter Spray!

Hartz Nodor coupon Expires 30 days after print!

Bricks managed coupon so remember you can print two!

Your guest will never know, unless they see your cat that is!! Enjoy the SAVINGS!!


  1. Beverlyfavorsjones says

    This stuff is great!!  As much as I love my cat, I couldn’t STAND that litter box odor.  I cleaned my cat’s box frequently and used baking soda as well as other agents to help keep the odor under control, but it still seemed that I had to change my kitty’s box almost every night.  Since this was getting to be expensive, I told my husband that I was going to find another home for my furbaby.  It seemed that the Kitty Angels heard me or something.  I was shopping in K-mart on the following day and I ran across Hartz Nodor Cat Litter Spray.  I tried it and have been perfectly satisfied ever since!  😀

     Now, I can keep my furbaby and I only have to change her box ONCE a week. 

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