Free Airborne Samples *Still Available*

Four Free Samples of Airborne


Free Airborne Samples *Still Available*

I just wanted to send out a reminder that if you missed the FREE Samples of Airborne we posted 2 weeks ago, you can still grab them!   These Freebie won’t be around much longer, so hurry over and request yours now while you can! With 6 of us in the house, we need all the help we can get fighting off each others germs!


Airbone Sample includes:

  • Airborne Plus Energy
  • Airborne Hot Soothing Mix
  • Airborne Chewables
  • Airborne Effervescent

Once you click on the picture above, you will be redirected to the Airborne Facebook page where you can request your FREE Airborne Samples! There are only a limited amount are available, so hurry grab yours while you can! You’ll need to fill out a quick form so they know where to send your sample to. Then just wait 6-8 weeks for snail mail to deliver it!

Enjoy your Free Airborne!

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