Finding Deals on Storage for Seasonal Items in Canada

For my readers in Canada I thought I would share this great information on finding deals on Storage units!

Finding Deals on Storage for Seasonal Items

Many household across Alberta become cluttered with seasonal decorations and equipment, once the holidays have passed and snowy weather is less severe. So what do you do with all the holiday decorations in the summer or with the lawnmower and weed eater during the winter?

The simplest option is to place them in a self-storage unit. Renting a self-storage unit can prevent your home from becoming cluttered and give you back that extra garage or basement space to pursue other projects.

Storage Units in Alberta are relatively inexpensive and readily available. Whether you live in Edmonton, Calgary, or Country Hills, there is a self-storage facility near you, and each generally offers a variety of discounts and deals. Great ways to find good deals on storage units include:

Book Online

Many self-storage companies in Alberta will offer reduced rent to those who book through their online site. Call in advance to compare prices to ensure that booking online is in fact cheaper than registering for a unit in person.

Inquire about Personal Discounts

Most self-storage companies will offer discounts to seniors or military members. Before agreeing on paying a set monthly rent, ask if you qualify for any additional discounts. You could potentially save up to 10 to 15 percent more off rent.

Ask about First-time Renter Deals

Some self-storage units may offer discounts or free first month’s rent to first time renters. Always inquire about this type of discount prior to agreeing to a monthly rental price.

Skip the Amenities

Those extra Christmas lights don’t need to be stored in a climate controlled storage unit. If your items don’t need the extra amenities, then don’t opt for a unit where you will have to pay for them. Simply choose a basic storage unit without any frills and you will be able to save on rent. Also, research the size unit you will need, and take tours of the location before signing an agreement.

Consider Location

The farther a storage facility is from a major city, the less expensive it will be. If you are only going to visit your storage unit twice a year to rotate seasonal items, consider one outside of town to receive a better deal on price.

Renting self-storage can help you save limited resources of space in the family home, and also help you keep seasonal items organized for when you need them. You’ll find that the unit will eliminate many issues with clutter in your garage and attic as well.

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