Eddie Bauer Friends 101


My wife loves shopping at Eddie Bauer.

I am very happy that Eddie Bauer offers, free of charge, their Eddie Bauer Friends Card.

Sign up for Eddie Bauer Rewards

You get 10 points for every dollar you spend. For every 1,750 points you get $10 to redeem for Eddie Bauer merchandise. You can also redeem the points at eddiebauer.com. SO for every $175 you spend you get $10 back essentially.

There are 3 program cycles per year:

March- June,

July- October

November- February

At the end of the cycle Eddie Bauer will mail your certificate. It comes in a regular envelope so don’t throw it away thinking it is junk mail!

You only can earn a maximum of $80 back per cycle.

You can combine (stack) the rewards certificates with other Eddie Bauer coupons and offers.

Also by being an Eddie Bauer Friend you will receive access to exclusive Eddie Bauer Merchandise and promotions.

One of the things we absolutely love about Eddie Bauer is the fact they really stand behind their products. If you ever find a flaw or a seam comes unraveled you can take it back to the store for an exchange or store credit. No matter how old or worn the item is. Now this is only for flaws from the manufacturing process, don’t go run back if you caused the issue.