Dove Men+Care Coupon August 2014 – $1.00 Off!

Dove Men + Care coupon for a $1.00 off.

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Dove Men+Care Coupon 2014

Have you tried the Dove Men+Care products yet? Well, if you haven’t now is the time because there is a $1 off printable coupon!!

My son and I both use the Dove Men + Care line. Let’s face it, we live in south Texas and sweating is inevitable!! Add any sort of physical activity and a stinky situation is bound to happen. Not with Dove Men + Care.  My wife has been know to pass out Dove Care + Men deodorant before basketball practice.  I asked why she did that and she said, “a car full of sweaty boys after ball practice, if I didn’t I would never get the funky smell of locker room out of my car”. Good idea, I suppose.

So there you have one reason to buy the Dove Care + Men Fresh Awake 48 hour antiperspirant. But you should give the whole line a try. I really like the shave gel, the after shave balm, and anti-dandruff fortifying shampoo.

Now is the perfect time for my wife to add to her car stockpile too. The Dove Men + Care deodorant at Walmart is usually around $3.88. Less the $1 off printable coupon and they are only $2.88 each!!!


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